Clint Eastwood to Show Side of Himself Fans Haven’t Seen Before in New Documentary

by Chris Piner

Since the 1960s, actor Clinto Eastwood has dominated both the movie and television industry. With memorable roles in Unforgiven, The Bridges of Madison County, and Gran Torino, the actor also starred in the hit Western series Rawhide. Looking at his history in Hollywood, Eastwood accumulated a staggering 72 credits as an actor. And although he recently celebrated his 92nd birthday, it seems the celebrity continues to prove his talents by narrating a new wildlife documentary called Why on Earth

In the new documentary, directed by conservationist turned filmmaker Katie Cleary, the film revolves around not just animals but their connection with the earth and humans. Discussing Why on Earth, Cleary told Fox News, “We’re showing what’s happening to elephants, rhinos in Africa, the palm oil epidemic in Indonesia and Borneo and Sumatra, and how it’s affecting the orangutans. Really, the connection between humans and animals and in our natural environment and in trying to spread compassion and awareness about these issues before it’s too late before we lose a lot of these species.”

Clint Eastwood Narrates Why On Earth Documentary

As for Clinton Eastwood’s narration on Why on Earth, Katie Cleary admitted they bonded over their love for animals. “Yeah, he’s hosting it. He takes us through the whole process. He’s incredible. He’s a huge animal lover. So, this film really just brings out an amazing side to him that maybe a lot of people haven’t seen, which is that compassionate side, especially for animals.”

Meeting Clint Eastwood on his ranch, the filmmaker added, “We went up, and we filmed at his ranch. It was amazing just seeing his stomping grounds and, you know, just he’s surrounded in nature, and he’s just an amazing person. He just he has such a big heart. It was great to be able to sit with him. You can see how passionate he is about wildlife and his own animals.”

Katie Cleary Starts Her Own Charity

Besides filming Why on Earth with Clint Eastwood, Katie Cleary launched her own charity aimed at protecting and preserving wildlife. “I started this brand almost 20 years ago, and it really started with big cat conservation. So tiger conservation, when I was really young. And so that’s why we’ve got the peace sign with the tiger. I thought that that was really iconic, and I really just wanted to focus on endangered species and wildlife. We do breaking news every day around the world, whether it’s anti-poaching, exposing the meat, dairy industry. You know, helping people also live a healthier lifestyle and adopting a more plant based diet rescued animals.” 

Excited about working with Clint Eastwood and her Peace for Animals charity, Katie Cleary proposed, “I really think … we have so much to learn from our natural world. And if we just kind of quiet the noise and sit for a second and just listen and be in nature and, you know, animals have so much to teach us. What are we truly giving back, and what are we leaving for future generations? And to be a voice for me, to be a voice for the voiceless. And that’s why that’s why I’m doing it.”