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PHOTO: Clint Eastwood Celebrates Thanksgiving Alongside His Whole Family

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Clint Eastwood is a man who loves his family and we get a good look at everyone together for a Thanksgiving photo. We get this one from Eastwood’s daughter Alison. As you can tell, all two-legged and a couple of four-legged family members showed up. Eastwood is standing third from the right in the photo. It looks like Eastwood is enjoying a sweet glass of wine while posing for the photo. Eastwood probably was one proud papa in having some of his children and family members around him at this time of the year.

Fans were quite happy to see the family get together, too. Many of them simply shared their own “Happy Thanksgiving” wishes with the Eastwood clan. One of them even wrote about meeting Eastwood on another occasion. Still, it appears that Eastwood has his flock of fans still following his career and life. Alison Eastwood Wood, one of Clint’s kids, is connected with the Eastwood Ranch. Many of her photos on Instagram feature pets. Speaking of Thanksgiving and family, you might have been looking for something to do after the turkey and stuffing, Maybe you found yourself going down a Clint Eastwood movie rabbit hole. Possibly, you have your DVD collection at home and you pulled out Dirty Harry or possibly even Gran Torino. Any Eastwood movie is worth watching, especially with family and friends.

Clint Eastwood Movie That He Directed Still Hot On HBO Max

Now, you know that streaming platforms are always looking for new programming to put on there. Sometimes, this programming dates back to the world of movies. That’s where you will find Clint Eastwood most of the time. Sure, he had his TV time on Rawhide but he’s been in front of the movie camera more than on TV. On HBO Max, you can find an Eastwood movie where he provided his director’s touch. This time, it was for American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper. It ended up being one of Eastwood’s most successful movies in his career as a director.

Meanwhile, let’s just hang on for a minute when it comes to movies and Clint Eastwood. He really loves that part of his career. One thing that actors who work with him learn soon enough is he likes to keep things moving. Actors might want to do two, three, or four takes when working on a movie. Eastwood does not have time for that foolishness. Well, it seems like it is foolishness to the famed actor. Matt Damon, one time, spoke out about Eastwood’s deliberateness when it came to movies. Damon didn’t like the fact that Clint Eastwood stuck to one take and one take only.