Clint and Ron Howard Discuss Their First Prize-Winning Film

by Blake Ells

Ron Howard and his brother Clint revealed a lot about their youth in a 2021 memoir titled The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family. Ron shared anecdotes of how his parents prepared him to be an actor at the age of three. They were always a Hollywood family. And Ron always collaborated with his brother Clint. They’ve always known each other best.

The brothers shared more about their experiences growing up in an interview with Seth Meyers. Ron described his early ambitions of being a filmmaker, despite beginning on the other side of the camera.

“I was getting more and more serious about making films, and I wanted to enter a contest,” Ron explained. “The Kodak Teenage Filmmakers Contest. And they had a category called ‘The One Reeler.’ where you had to plan out all of your shots and you couldn’t edit it. You just had to shoot it and send it in. And I built the whole thing around this young kid. It was kind of a ‘Twilight Zone-ish’ sort of thing. There was a part for Clint; a part for dad.”

“We’re getting ready to do it,” Ron Howard continued. “Something I carefully planned. I’m very nervous about it. I asked Clint to do it. He sort of said yeah. We get there, we’re getting ready to shoot and he says, ‘I hear there’s a cash prize involved if you win something.’ I said, ‘Yeah, you know…first is $200. Second is, you know, $150.’ And he said, ‘Well I’m gonna need half of that.’

Clint Going After Big Brother Ron Howard’s Prize

The audience had a nice laugh over Clint’s pursuit of Ron Howard’s prize money as a teenage filmmaker.

“I told him, I said, ‘Hey, listen, bud. If you want to scour the neighborhood in Toluca Lake and see if you can find another 12-year-old that wants to be in your short, go right ahead.'”

The early project from Ron Howard did, in fact, take home prize money.

“I came in second,” he confirmed to Meyers, who then asked if Clint came to collect his share. “Hell yeah,” Ron continued. “I mean, the minute – I’m there beaming – ‘I came in second!’ and he’s…’ Clint interrupts his brother with an outstretched hand requesting his cut of the money.

“We had dad mediate,” Clint explained. “Dad came in immediately, mediated and I prevailed. And I got the $75.”

Meyers talked about how both brothers attempted returning to a normal life after the success of ‘Andy Griffith’ and ‘Gentle Ben.’ But that was impossible. Ron, for one, played basketball after his days as “Opie.” But when you’re “Opie,” it’s difficult to blend in. Having a public life at such a young age made him a pretty easy target for sports opponents.