‘CODA’ Star Troy Kotsur’s Stolen Oscar Trophy Found

by Samantha Whidden

Days after the Oscar trophy and Jeep of CODA actor Troy Kotsur were stolen in Mesa, Arizona, it’s been reported both the vehicle and award have been found. 

According to PEOPLE, the Mesa Police Department released a statement revealing that Troy Kotsur’s Jeep was stolen Saturday, but was recovered last that evening. The actor notified the authorities that his vehicle went missing earlier in the day. “Once Mr. Kotsur notified the department of the theft, officers began their investigation,” the statement reads. “And through investigative techniques, they located the vehicle with two juvenile male suspects inside.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Troy Kotsur revealed what had happened to his vehicle. “A little kid stole my Jeep while I have [sic] Oscar award in my Jeep. The city of Mesa, Az found my Jeep and Oscar award too! Thanks!”

The Mesa Police Department further revealed that the juveniles admitted to stealing the Jeep. They were charged with theft of means of transportation. The vehicle was returned with everything inside. PEOPLE reports that Troy Kotsur is the first deaf man to win an Oscar. He scored Best Supporting Actor in March for his role in CODA.

In the film, he portrayed a deaf fisherman, Frank Rossi, whose daughter wants to be a musician. The film is nearly half in American Sign Language. It also won the Academy Award for best picture. He has a SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor and Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male. The actor also has a BAFTA Award for Supporting Actor as well.

Troy Kotsur Says the Screen Actors Guild Saved His Life When He was a Struggling Actor 

In March 2022, Troy Kotsur spoke to The Playlist about how the Screen Actors Guild actually saved his life when he was a struggling actor.  

“I had several TV appearances and I would get one fat paycheck,” Troy Kotsur shared. “And then six months later, I’d receive a second check because of SAG and their protections through that union to make sure that they keep actors earning a fair amount of money, which it was a relief to me when that would happen from time to time.”

Troy Kotsur also reflected on the time before he found success in his acting career. “You have musicians who go through similar struggles as actors, who’ve had frustrations and make sacrifices and sleep in weird places and all of that shit, just to be a starving actor or a starving musician or a starving artist. And so now on stage at SAG, I looked around the room and I said, ‘I completely understand what it’s like to be a starving actor. It’s not funny.’”

Troy Kotsur is currently preparing for his new role in Flash Before the Bang