Colin Farrell Reveals He Had Panic Attacks While Filming New Ron Howard Flick

by Samantha Whidden

Following the premiere of his new film “Thirteen Lives,” Colin Farrell admitted that he had panic attacks while filming Ron Howard’s latest movie. 

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Farrell spoke about how he had “really panicky moments” during the underwater scenes. “I had to say to myself, ‘Just relax. Be Calm. You’re fine. There’s nothing to worry about. Your tank is good. You’ve got a 60 percent full tank. Just slow your breath down. It’s OK.’”

Colin Farrell then discussed some harrowing underwater moments while in the cave. “At times, there was no surface over your head, just a ceiling and it was incredibly nerve-wrecking,” Farrell explained. “And I was incredibly uncomfortable. There was no light and you would wait for [the crew] to get on the speakers to tell you the camera was rolling.”

However, Colin Farrell admitted that hearing the crew while underwater was easier said than done. “If you were underwater when they called ‘action,’ you might not hear the f—ing speaker so everyone is looking at everyone else under the water. If something happened, someone might back up into you and hit your f-ing mask [pushing it sideways]. All of a sudden — hello, panic attack.”

‘Thirteen Lives’ Actor Colin Farrell Says He Always Tries to ‘Center Gratitude’ For Being An Employed Actor 

Along with discussing his latest project, “Thirteen Lives” star Colin Farrell stated that he always tries to center gratitude for being an employed actor. 

“I should never lose sight of what a fortunate position I’m in,” Colin Farrell explained. “To be able to make a living telling stories, which is essentially what I do. You know, that’s it. I make a living telling stories and I bring characters to life. I learn a bit about myself to it on the side but that’s not the reason I’m doing it, of course. It’s an incredible job, really, and an experience that I get to share with other people.”

Colin Farrell went on to declare that “Thirteen Lives” is the most challenging project he has ever been on. “Probably because there was this mental aspect, too, to be honest with you.”

Colin Farrell goes on to say that there is a common purpose on a film set. “You don’t walk on one and hear ‘The Hills Are Alive’ [with the sound of music] being sung. Sets can be very tense places but the bottom line is that there’s a common purpose and I’ve been lucky enough to be on films where there’s a sense of togetherness and that’s awesome to experience.”

“Thirteen Lives” is a film that follows a rescue mission that is assembled in Thailand where a group of young boys and their soccer coach are trapped in a system of underground caves that are flooding. Starring with Colin Farrel in the film are Viggo Mortensen and Joel Edgerton.