‘Crocodile Dundee’ Star Paul Hogan Reveals Why He Hasn’t Moved Back to Australia

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Crocodile Dundee himself, Paul Hogan, has lived in the United States for over two decades, and he’s feeling homesick for Australia. The 83-year-old Australian actor has been in the news recently for his disdain for Venice Beach, the neighborhood he lives in. In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, he finally explained why he hasn’t moved back to Australia yet.

According to the Crocodile Dundee icon, his son, 24-year-old Chance Hogan, is why he still lives in the United States. He shares Chance with his ex-wife and actress Linda Kozlowski. “I’ve been homesick for years,” Hogan explained. “I miss the people, the ambiance – and there’s something you just can’t put your finger on, but there’s something about Australia that is friendlier and more laid-back.”

However, his family in Australia has to wait. “I’d rather be there, but I have my last child [Chance] who is an American. He only has me, whereas my tribe at home, they’ve all got each other.” Hogan and Kozlowski, who played Hogan’s onscreen love interest in Crocodile Dundee, moved to the US shortly before Kozlowski’s mother died of cancer. He left his first wife Noelene for a much younger Linda, now 64. They wed in 1990 and have one son- Chance. They divorced in 2014.

Paul Hogan is definitely ready to leave Hollywood behind

“Then the years have slipped by, and I’m sort of stuck here,” Hogan explained. “I’ve got 10 grandchildren and they are all adults – but for Chance, the only family he’s got is me. All his friends, his band, musician mates, girlfriends, everything – they’re all American.” Still, Hogan is convinced he’ll return to his native land soon. “So I’m hanging in there a bit longer, but eventually I’ll get back.”

His home is in Venice, an elite beachside suburb. However, homelessness has increased substantially there recently. Hundreds of tents now line the boardwalk and crime rates have soared.. “I’m living in LA County, which is 10 million people and half of them have got Covid. So am I homesick? You bet your life,” Hogan opined.

It’s clear the veteran actor is ready to leave California. “The crime’s up. I don’t go anywhere. The minute I can come home without being locked in a hotel for two weeks, I’m back,” Hogan said. The actor is of course referring to the COVID-19 protocols Australia has in place. Hogan was seen writing a letter to the homeless and putting it outside his property that month. According to the Daily Mail, Hogan’s note was straight to the point. “THIS IS MY HOUSE NOT YOURS,” it supposedly read.

Hogan later denied writing the message, despite being pictured writing it with a red marker. Months later in November, Hogan told Today that he would finally be returning to his home country just in time for Christmas.