‘Dallas’ Star Patrick Duffy Opens Up About His Relationship With ‘Happy Days’ Star Linda Purl

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy get along so well in the kitchen that they launched a new baking product together to commemorate his family. Recently, the stars of Happy Days and Dallas, who have been together for more than two years now, talked about their new sourdough kit called Duffy’s Dough. The couple says that the kit includes a dehydrated starter that goes back “at least 70 years.”

“My parents took my sister and myself in 1952 in a little trailer house, towed by a truck, from Montana to Alaska. My mother was gifted by some old woman a sourdough starter,” Duffy recently told People. “Theoretically it came from the gold rush period of the Alaska gold rush. So that’s the mythology that we’re sticking to.”

His mother used it to bake throughout his youth. His sister maintained it active for many years, prompting him to do the same. Duffy started making sourdough pancakes for Purl at the beginning of their relationship, and she loved them. This sparked an idea to start a business using the starter. “Now I didn’t think I was ever going to start a business, but Linda is Linda and took it and ran with it instantly,” explained Duffy. “We have been dehydrating the original sourdough starter. So it’s absolutely pure from the time that my mother received it.”

The product, which is only available for a limited time, can now be ordered until mid-December. The baking kits come with a dehydrated starter, flour, sugar, and rolling pin among other kitchen tools. As an added bonus, the first 200 people to order will receive an autographed apron by Patrick Duffy. They’ll also get a recipe book signed by both stars.

How baking brought Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl closer

Purl states that baking is a way they can connect with their family and friends. “There’s a possibility of really good things happening and real communication happening. It starts with the tiny little spore of yeast, but it can expand into an experience on many levels,” she said.

It’s no surprise that their partnership was strengthened by this project. Being in the kitchen is part of their love story. “When we got together, I can actually remember I arrived late in the afternoon and we had dinner and we cooked dinner in the kitchen. And it was a dance that we had never done together. But the choreography was known to both of us,” Duffy explained. According to Duffy, he and Purl operate together effortlessly, whether it be acting or starting their new sourdough company.

“I’m really proud of both of us in the fact that nothing gets in the way of our relationship or our ability to function in the world because we are in fact in love with each other,” Duffy beamed.