Danny Bonaduce Suffering From ‘Mystery Illness,’ Fans Offer Support on ‘Partridge Family’ Star’s Moving Post

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images)

Last month, former “The Partridge Family” star Danny Bonaduce announced he was taking a temporary leave from his radio show, “The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show,” due to mysterious medical issues. A week into May, the actor, comedian, and TV personality continues to battle issues with his balance as Seattle medical professionals work to identify the root issue. In the meantime, Danny Bonaduce fans have taken to social media to offer their love, support, and advice following the “Partridge Family” star’s moving post.

Above a photo of himself with a walking stick, Bonaduce thanked fans for their continued support.

“Thank you for all of the well wishes,” the radio show host posted. “It really means a lot to me that so many of you have reached out. Just wanted to share something my sister posted on Facebook.”

The former “Partridge Family” actor’s tweet, a retweet of his sister Celia’s earlier tweet, explained the details of Bonaduce’s “mystery illness.” It further asked for the actor’s fans to continue sharing their positive thoughts and well-wishes for Bonaduce’s recovery.

In the comments, fans shared experiences with their own mystery illnesses.

“My sister has a similar mystery illness,” one fan wrote. “She was in bad shape. She needed help walking. They gave her a grim prognosis. However, it must have been a virus. The mystery illness went away. It baffled the Dr.s. She is fine now!!”

Another wrote, “I love your joyous attitude. I hope you’ll find a solution to your mystery illness very soon.”

One other commented, “Danny, Best wishes from Canada. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Hugs.”

‘Partridge Family’ Alum Danny Bonaduce Promises to Return to Radio Show

While Danny Bonaduce has left his radio show, for now, the former “Partridge Family” star promised to return. When the TV personality first announced his leave, he said, “I’m taking a temporary medical leave from my radio show.” He promised to “share more when I know more.”

Until then, he continued, “What I know is, I need time to focus on my health. I love my job and talking to you guys & I’ll be back on the air soon.”

Since taking his leave, Celia Bonaduce shared a brief explanation with her brother’s fans of what the star is currently going through. In her post, she wrote, “We are not being coy when we say this is a ‘mystery illness’… in layman’s terms, his balance sucks- super sucks- and all the great medical minds of Seattle are at work trying to solve this conundrum.”

Following his post, fans had a handful of suggestions as to what the former “Partridge Family” star might be battling. Some suggested Bonaduce test for Lyme Disease, Meniere’s Disease, “spontaneous damage to the vestibular system,” and more.

Altogether, with so many possibilities and strange symptoms, we can only hope Danny Bonaduce’s doctors establish a cause soon.