Dennis Quaid Initially Turned Down Role of Ronald Reagan in Upcoming Biopic: Here’s Why

by Samantha Whidden

Following the wrap of the production for his upcoming biopic “Reagan,” Dennis Quaid revealed that he originally turned down the opportunity to 40th President of the United States.

During a recent interview with KCLU, Dennis Quaid revealed why he almost passed on the “Reagan” role. “I felt a tinge of fear up my spine and that’s when I said yes,” Quaid recalled. “That’s usually when I should do something when it’s out of my comfort zone.”

Dennis Quaid then admitted there is more pressure for him to play a real-life figure instead of a fictional character. “Especially Ronald Reagan,” he continued. He’s probably one of the most recognizable people on the planet.”

Dennis Quaid also recalled voting for Ronald Reagan. “Ronald Reagan was my favorite president. I voted for him, I think I was 30 at the time. I had a rented apartment back then that I shared with a guy. He said, ‘Who did you vote for?’ I said, ‘Ronald Reagan.’ He said, ‘You are kicked out of the hippies.’ But I loved Reagan and I voted for him twice.”

According to its IMDb profile, “Reagan” is a drama biopic that is based on the life of Ronald Reagan. It follows the former President from his childhood to his time in the Oval Office. Among those starring in the film with Quaid are Justin Chitin, Amanda Righetti, Penelope Ann Miller, Mean Suvari, and Jon Voight. 

Although more details about the film have not surfaced quite yet, it has been reported that it will premiere at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. 

Dennis Quaid Reveals He Filmed Some of the Biopic at the Reagan Ranch 

While continuing to share details about “Reagan,” Dennis Quaid spoke about filming the biopic at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California. ‘It’s not open to the public and it’s an amazing place,” he revealed. “Much smaller than I would have thought. I realized when I went up there that Reagan was a very humble man.”

Dennis Quaid said the house at the Reagan Ranch was actually 1500 square feet. Quaid said the late President had Gorbachev and the Queen of England come visit the small house. “They had a King-sized bed but it was two single beds zip-tied together. Their clothes were in the closet like they had just left and they were going to come back.”

The actor also spoke about his singing career and what inspired his music. “First song I tried to learn when I got my guitar at 12-years-old was Light My Fire, which is a very difficult song for a beginning guitar player. Johnny Cash was a big influence on me. He wrote story songs, which I like to do.”