Denzel Washington Honors Jackie Robinson in Surprise Appearance at MLB All-Star Game

by Megan Molseed

It was a big moment last night as award-winning actor Denzel Washington made a surprise appearance at Dodger Stadium at the MLB All-Star game Tuesday evening, honoring one of the most iconic people in sports history…the late-great Jackie Robinson.

The crowd was cheering for the star as he took home plate at the iconic Dodgers Stadium during the first All-Star game event played on the field in 40 years. Donning Jackie Robinson’s 42 on his jersey, Washington gave a moving speech honoring the pioneering athlete.

Denzel Washington Delivers Moving Speech At Dodger Stadium Honoring The Late Jackie Robinson

The moving moment was shared on the MLB Twitter page Tuesday, highlighting the moment Denzel Washington honored Robinson on the 75th anniversary of the baseball great’s inaugural season.

“Denzel Washington honors Jackie Robinson,” the MLB Twitter page says. “Chills. #AllStarGame.”

“Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, 1947,” the Oscar-winning star begins as he takes home plate at Dodger Stadium. Washington goes on to recount how the trailblazing baseball icon broke the sport’s color barrier when he joined the [Brooklyn] Dodgers 75 years ago.

“When Jackie Robinson stepped onto a Major League Baseball field for the first time, armed with supreme talent and unshakable character and wearing a Dodgers uniform,” Denzel Washington relays in the moving tribute. “He changed the game of baseball and so much more.”

Jackie Robinson’s Unshakeable Legacy Changed The Face Of The All-American Pastime

The award-winning actor recounts how Robinson left a legacy both on and off the baseball field. A legacy, Washington says, that “challenged us to become better versions of ourselves.”

“Business leader, family man, activist, Hall of Famer,” Washington continues of Robinson in the tribute.

“He said that life is not a spectator sport,” the actor says. “And he lived that motto to the fullest.”

Any baseball fan knows that Robinson has made the number 42 an iconic one in the all-American sport. And, Washington says, this “blazed a trail” for so many since Robinson’s time on the baseball field.

“Number 42 blazed a trail that would light the way for people from every walk of life,” Washington says. “And every color and to this very day.” Denzel Washington adds that Robinson’s legacy continues to have a “profound impact” that “looms just as large today as it did 75 years ago.”

Hall Of Famer Jackie Robinson Changed The Face Of Baseball

Jackie Robinson integrated the sport of baseball in 1947. And, to honor this trailblazing athlete, the MLB has celebrated Jackie Robinson Day every year since 2004.

The baseball great was awarded the Rookie of the Year in 1947. He was late inducted into the Baseball Hall of fame just 15 years later. Robinson’s iconic jersey, number 42 was officially put into retirement in 1997, 50 years after he first stepped onto the major league field.