Diane Keaton Opens Up About Her Failed Music Career

by Taylor Cunningham

Diane Keaton has celebrated massive success during her more than four decades in the entertainment business. But there is one dream that she never got off the ground, a music career. And looking back at her attempt does not bring warm feelings.

The 76-year-old Oscar winner sat down with Marc Malkin for the Just for Variety podcast ahead of the release of her newest movie Mack & Rita. And while talking about the project that Malkin calls her “Lucille Ball moment,” the two dug back into her past.

The failed music career came with the memory of Keaton’s first film audition. In it, she sang the song Mister Snow for Carousel. And because she had innate musical talents, she landed the part, which reminded Malkin—Diane Keaton was supposed to drop an album in the 70s.

“You almost released an album, didn’t you?” Malkin asked after Keaton gushed over her love of music.

“Ugh,” she sighed in reply.

Malkin wanted to know what happened to that project, and if there is a chance that fans will ever hear it. And Keaton made it clear that uncovering the music would never happen.

“No, it wasn’t good… That’s something you don’t want to experience,” she laughed.

According to her, all proof of the work is “gone,” and there is no way she could ever get it back.

“It wasn’t good,” she said.

Diane Keaton Landed a Part in ‘The Godfather’ Out of Sheer Luck

But the sore memories of a singing career gone wrong don’t overshadow Diane Keaton’s overall life. While she never managed to drop a record, she still had plenty of dumb luck in her Hollywood profile. And she’s thankful for that.

In fact, Keaton’s very first on-screen role was in the 1970s film, Lovers and Strangers. The actress held one of the lead roles, Joan. And she starred alongside the classic TV legend, Bea Arthur. The movie ended up earning two Oscar nods and one Oscar win. Overall, it was a great start to her time in Tinsel Town.

Following that job, Keaton held guest roles in a handful of television series. Then, she decided to randomly try out for another movie one afternoon. She went into the audition completely blind and was pitted against hundreds of other hopefuls. That day led to her illustrious silver screen Alist life when the project turned out to be one of the most iconic Mafia films in history.

“I auditioned for The Godfather having never read it and I knew nothing about it, and just was there. And I was standing there like every other woman,” she remembered during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I didn’t know what the hell I was there for. And they cast me in that role!”