Dick Van Dyke Hands Out Money To Homeless People in California: ‘An Angel From God’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Dick Van Dyke may be known best for his classic TV show and film work, but he’s actually got a philanthropic side to his life. Van Dyke is a man who has learned about being of service to others in his private life. What he’s reportedly doing now could be considered an extension of that lifestyle. What is he doing? Giving out $5 bills to homeless people in California.

Last Friday, the Mary Poppins actor was seen at the Malibu Community Labor Exchange. Dick Van Dyke, who is 96 years old, reportedly is a big fan of the nonprofit’s work. He’s known to come by that location and help people looking for jobs. On Friday, Van Dyke was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, gray sweatpants, and black slip-on shoes. At the time, Van Dyke was handing out $5 bills and talking with people who sought out help, according to the New York Post.

Dick Van Dyke Is an ‘Angel From God’

To an onlooker, Van Dyke said, “Whenever I have some 5s, I come by. You can’t do it all the time, though.” Staff members at the center state Dick Van Dyke first started coming by there in May 2021. “Just call him an angel from God,” a staff member said.

Back in August, though, people spotted Van Dyke and his wife, Arlene Silver, out on the town. They were out on a lunch date and both looked pretty dapper. As for Van Dyke, he was wearing some gray sweatpants and a long-sleeve white shirt. Silver had on a burgundy long-sleeve top along with a green puffer vest with black leggings. Silver is 46 years younger than Van Dyke but they have been happily married for a period of time.

Fans of his TV show of the same name know that his character was named Rob Petrie. That name sounds one way to many people. Yet, did you know that it was supposed to sound differently? The name mix-up happened because of Van Dyke. He talked about it during a portion of his own memoir about his life and career.

“As we shot the pilot, I mispronounced Rob and Laura’s last name, saying Pet-re rather than Pee-tree, as Carl (Reiner) had done in the original when he based the name on some actual neighbors of his in New Rochelle,” Van Dyke wrote in his memoir, My Lucky Life in and Out of Show Business. “Nobody corrected me, and so it stuck.” And The Dick Van Dyke Show remains quite popular to this day on TV.