Dick Van Dyke Photographed in Legendary Moment Wearing ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ Sweatshirt

by Joe Rutland

Actor-singer Dick Van Dyke is still beloved by millions for his classic TV show as well as his work in films like Mary Poppins. On Thursday, he happened to appear in public wearing a sweatshirt with a movie reference. Emblazoned across the front of it are the words “Spoonful of Sugar,” which is a reference to a song sung by Julie Andrews in the famed Walt Disney movie from the 1960s. Imagine Van Dyke still OK and cool with a reference to that movie in 2022.

Wearing Cool Sweatshirt, Dick Van Dyke Appears In Public With Wife

In a series of photos, Van Dyke appears with his wife Arlene Silver after an apparent workout. The singer-actor-dancer looks cool with his “Spoonful of Sugar” sweatshirt out in public. Van Dyke is now 96 while Silver is 50. It is his second marriage. While fans can take a look at him looking pretty spiffy, those same fans probably love watching The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Staring in 1961 and running for five seasons, the sitcom followed the life of comedy writer Rob Petrie. The city of New Rochelle, N.Y., receives some run as the home of the Petries: Rob, Laura, played by Mary Tyler Moore, and Richie, played by Larry Mathews. Yet the show would have the beauty of the creative mind of Carl Reiner at the forefront.

Reiner put this show together with a few callbacks to his own career. He made a name for himself working with Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour. These experiences, along with working and performing with Mel Brooks, would find their way into the sitcom. Van Dyke magnificently plays off of Rose Marie, who was Sally Rogers, and Morey Amsterdam, who was Buddy Sorrell. Toss in Richard Deacon as Mel Cooley, a foil for Reiner’s Alan Brady, and you have a show full of fun.

‘Mary Poppins’ Appears On Movie Screens In 1964

The Dick Van Dyke Show did have elements of comedy in it. That’s why it is a sitcom. But a few episodes would allow Van Dyke to display his own physical style of humor. Viewers even got a chance to see Moore dance sometimes in different outfits.

What about Mary Poppins? The Disney movie first appears in 1964 with Andrews as the magical, mystical nanny. This happens to be Andrews’ first movie in her career. Van Dyke plays Bert, a jack-of-all-trades who has some type of connection with Mary. The interactions with Andrews and Van Dyke are some of the most memorable in film history. Children of all ages continue to grow up and see Spoonful of Sugar and other songs from the movie as part of their lives.