‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Mike Rowe Denounces Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

by Taylor Cunningham

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe is taking a stand against the Biden administration’s plan to forgive student loan debt. In August, the president announced $10,000 to $20,000 in debt relief. And on Facebook, Rowe gave his lengthy opinion on the matter by asking, “How is any of this the taxpayer’s responsibility?”

The host began by posting a screenshot from the satire publication Babylon Bee. The photo shares a 2020 headline reading, “Hard-Working Plumber Looking Forward to Paying For His Neighbor’s Gender Study Degree.”

In the caption, he shared that he “laughed” when he came across the story two years ago. And he added that he never thought “it would happen.” But today, the story is a “sad truth” for “the plumber,” “the country,” and “the plumber’s neighbor.”

Mike Rowe, who makes it a point to advocate for blue-collared careers, went on to write that this country gives “terrible advice” to graduates by offering “a one-size-fits-all approach to one of the most important decisions” of their lives.

In Rowe’s opinion, most four-year degrees come with no guarantee of a liveable income. Despite that, they still carry a hefty cost. However, a skilled labor career comes at a fraction of the price and can give people “six figures all day long.”

“For the last forty years, we have – as a society – put an extraordinary amount of pressure on an entire generation of kids to borrow whatever it takes to get a college degree,” he continued. “There is no longer a rational conversation around the subject, much less anything resembling a cost/benefit analysis. Instead, there’s fear. Fear shared by countless kids that if they don’t go to college, they’ll never amount to anything.”

Mike Rowe Says People Are ‘Livid’

Rowe believes that the recent forgiveness plan is further proof that “elected officials” value people with college degrees over everyone else. And he thinks that message further pushes the idea that a degree is “a golden ticket to prosperity and job satisfaction.”

To him, “the biggest victims” of the plan are “the millions of hardworking people” who “live within their means” and pay their bills. Those people happen to be who he highlights in Dirty Jobs and who he supports through his scholarship program, mikeroweWORKS.

Mike Rowe shared that his program has given over $6 million dollars to people going into the skilled labor force. And those same people are “livid” today.

“no one in office is proposing to ‘forgive’ the cost of their work truck…or any of the other tools they need to labor in their chosen occupation,” he wrote.

The 60-year-old ended by saying that he does believe people in student loan debt deserve sympathy, just not at the cost of taxpayers. He thinks if any entities have to pay, it should be the banks that are handing out loans to kids with “no financial sense” and the colleges that are giving the degrees.