Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ Star Irene Bedard Arrested in Ohio

by Taylor Cunningham

Irene Bedard, the actress who voiced the princess in Disney’s 1995 animated film Pocahontas, was arrested in Ohio last week for disorderly conduct. The incident comes only two years after Bedard was arrested twice in three days for similar offenses.

As TMZ shared, officers in Green County confronted the 55-year-old actress during a welfare check after receiving a call that a woman had passed out in the bushes of a residential street. According to a police report, Bedard was awake in a parking lot when the officers arrived. And she was showing a wide array of emotions, from calm to hysterical.

Bedard was with another woman at the time, and she gave the officers the name of someone to call. But when the actress heard the name, she began to scream and insisted that they did not involve the person. Then, Bedard attempted to flee and nearly knocked over a table on the sidewalk in the process.

Police Arrested the ‘Pocahontas’ Actress Twice in 2020 For Similar Offenses

The report continued by stating that Irene Bedard briefly settled after hitting the table, and she willingly walked and talked to the officers. But after a few moments, she grew furious over a past interaction she had with law enforcement.

The Pocahontas star proceeded to yell and back into a window. The officers restrained her by grabbing her wrist to stop her from breaking the glass. Once they had the situation under control, the officers placed Bedard under arrest. But as they attempted to handcuff the actress, she fought by tensing her arms and pulling out of the officer’s grip.

From there, the police officers claim that Bedard intentionally became dead weight as they tried walking her to the cruiser. So they had to carry her instead.

The officers booked Irene Bedard in the Green County Jail on Friday, August 19. She was released two days later.

The report is not the first of its kind for Bedard. In December 2020, Bedard went to jail twice in three days for drunken behavior, also according to TMZ.

That month, police responded to a call from her ex-husband over a domestic violence incident. Law enforcement said that she was clearly intoxicated when they arrived and had trouble standing. Her ex alleged that came to his house enraged and proceeded to yell at and kick their teenage son.

Bedard was charged with domestic violence, assault, and resisting arrest.

The actress posted bond. But two days later she was arrested once more for harassing a clerk at a hotel. Officers reported that she was under the influence of alcohol during that incident as well.