Dog the Bounty Hunter Celebrates Wife Francie’s Birthday in Heartfelt Message

by Joe Rutland

Dog the Bounty Hunter, also known as Duane “Dog” Chapman, is taking a moment out of his day to celebrate his wife’s birthday. Chapman is wishing his bride Francie a very Happy Birthday on Monday with some sweet, heartfelt words. Let’s take a look and see what he’s saying in this Instagram post.

“Happy Birthday Francie My Best Friend MY WOMAN & MY WIFE I LOVE YOU !!!!!!” he writes. This woman is obviously very special to him. Francie has been a part of Dog’s life in the years since his first wife Beth died. Fans of his TV show remember seeing Beth keep her husband in check at times. Speaking of his fans, they also were wishing Francie a solid, good one on her special day. One writes, “Happiest of Birthdays to you, Francie!!” Another one says, “Happy birthday Francie! (Dog, you better spoil her today lol)”.

A Visit To Missouri Prison Lets Dog the Bounty Hunter Share A Message

Recently, Dog visited a Missouri prison and offered a message of inspiration. His visit to Cameron, Mo., was part of a group of worship leaders getting together on the trip. Their goal was to bring a sense of hope and compassion to those incarcerated. According to Fox4KC, he said after going inside, “It is important for me to be here today because this is part of my destiny. This is the reason God created me.” One thing, among many, that is an important part of Chapman’s life is his faith. And before becoming the world’s best-known bounty hunter, Chapman did spend some time behind bars. “I’ve been there, done that,” he said. “I found the way out. I found the treasure, and I’m going to show my brothers and sisters the roadmap.”

He’s been busy on TV lately, too. You might have seen Dog appear as the Armadillo last April on The Masked Singer on FOX. Speaking of Beth, Dog had some sweet comments about whether or not she would have loved seeing him on the show. “Oh, she would have loved it,” he tells Page Six. “I don’t know when I fell down what she [would have] said.” Dog fell while trying to do a high kick in the air and singing I Fought the Law from The Bobby Fuller Four. Oh, he would regain his balance but man, that suit he was wearing was quite heavy. “You can’t get up from sitting down, right?” Dog said. “So as I fell, that went through my mind.” Here’s hoping some new TV work will bring Dog the Bounty Hunter back to our screens at home soon. It’s never a dull moment when he’s around.