Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Children Pay Tribute to Beth Chapman on 3rd Anniversary of Her Death

by Emily Morgan

The third anniversary of Beth Chapman’s death has ushered in numerous tributes from her friends, family, and fans. Tragically, fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s late wife died in 2019 after losing her battle with cancer.

In her memorial, Chapman’s children recently honored her on social media. The former TV personality, formerly married to Duane “Dog” Chapman, died in June 2019.

Her daughter, Bonnie, took to Instagram to post a sweet photo of her mom before she was sick. In the pic, viewers can see Beth grinning from ear-to-ear petting her dog.

Her daughter penned a lengthy tribute to her late mother to accompany the photo. She began, “3 years have gone by since you’ve passed. I’m thankful for the memories and the lessons you’ve taught me. I know you’re proud of me because I’m doing everything you taught me.”

Bonnie also added that she’s heeding her mother’s advice and living life how she wants. She also opened up about some of her most cherished memories of her mom and added that she hopes to be “able to inspire people” as her mom did.

However, she also made sure to mention the pair’s differences. Yet, despite this, she wrote that she knows that her mom would be “proud” of her no matter what.

Beth Chapman’s children honor mom with heartfelt posts

She continued, “I’m so thankful for the years I had with you, the years I had a mother. I know you always tried your best, even when I was a handful. I’m grateful for it all. I’m grateful to have had you as a mom.”

Similarly, her brother, Garry, also shared a heartfelt tribute to Beth on Instagram. In his post, he identified his late mother as his “anchor,” “best friend,” and “biggest supporter.”

In a photo of himself and Beth, he added, “I don’t think you realize how much of an impact you still have on me.” He added, “anytime things don’t go as I planned I always think about what you would do. Even tho your (sic) gone I know you’ll always be right here in my heart.”

Finally, Cecily rounded out the memorials by posting a string of pictures on Instagram set to Wynonna Judd’s song, “Rescue Me.”

In her caption, Cecily wrote about the tragic moment when she realized she would pass away. As she recalls, she remembered thinking that “life would never be the same,” and that she and her father, Duane, would never be the same from that day forward.

She continued, “You’re always with me and I’m always with you I stood by you then and I stand with you now. I love you mom, miss you everyday (sic) and know that every thing I do is to make you proud.”