Dog the Bounty Hunter Posts Incredible Wedding Pic to Celebrate First Anniversary With His ‘Lovely Bride’

by Taylor Cunningham

Dog the Bounty Hunter—aka Duane Chapman—is still feeling his newlywed excitement one year after his wedding to Francie Frane.

Today marks the milestone anniversary, so he took to Twitter to celebrate with his over 700K followers.

“One trip around the sun with my lovely bride! Francie, happy 1st anniversary!: he wrote. “Thank you for giving me a chance to love you unconditionally. Stay tuned for more later today!”

Under the caption, Chapman shared a stunning wedding photo. In it, the glowing couple walks down a flight of stairs at the Pinery At The Hill, a luxury resort in Colorado Springs, which served as their venue. Dog the Bounty Hunter wears a paisley-patterned tuxedo jacket with black pants. He also dons his signature white-rimmed sunglasses. Francie stuns in a form-fitting strapless mermaid-cut gown that’s covered in lace and crystals.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Hired a Team of Navy SEALS to Watch Over His 2021 Wedding

According to Daily Mail, the couple celebrated the intimate, lavish affair with 100 of their friends. And despite the glamourous, happy photos, the event was surrounded by drama and even threats of violence.

Ahead of Chapman’s nuptials, a feud broke out between him and two of his daughters, Cecily and Bonnie. The two publically shamed their father by saying that he cheated on their mother, the late Beth Chapman. They also claimed that he had “racist ways” behind his TV persona.

Cecily and Bonnie were not invited to the wedding. However, his third daughter, Lyssa, did attend the big day along with her brother, Gary.

Chapman and his wife remained relatively quiet about the situation. They only responded by saying they are praying for Cecily and Bonnie’s health and happiness. But they had little interest in turning the situation into a public affair.

“Beyond this statement, we wish to keep any family issues private,” they added.

Leading to the big day, the couple received threats, including one from an anonymous person who said they would throw paint on the bride’s wedding gown. Because of that, Chapman hired a skilled security team to keep the events safe. The team included Navy SEALS and German shepherds. Nonetheless, the day didn’t go without incident. One guest said that their tired were slashed and another claimed that someone left a ‘mysterious pungent odor’ in their car.

Aside from the two instances. The Chapman’s enjoyed a safe and emotional day with friends. Garry and Chapmans two sons from another marriage, Jon, and Leland, walked him down the aisle. And the couple exchanged vows with views of the Rocky Mountains.

“I will love you, guard you and protect you,” Chapman promised. “I love you more than I do myself. “Francie, I will love you more than any man ever has.”