Dog the Bounty Hunter ‘Thankful’ to Play Part in Helping Family of Moab Murder Victims

by Caitlin Berard

Last summer, newlyweds Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Beck Turner, 38, went on a camping trip in Moab, Utah, where they alerted friends of issues with a “creepy” man. Sadly, a few days later, the women were found dead near their La Sal Mountains campsite, both with multiple gunshot wounds.

The murders immediately sparked an investigation. Nearly a year later, however, the killer’s identity remained unknown. Desperate for help, the father of Kylen Schulte, Sean-Paul Schulte, reached out to Dog the Bounty Hunter, who came to Moab to lend a hand in the search earlier this month.

“God bless him for coming,” Schulte told KUTV 2News. “I hope he can shake the tree and a rotten apple falls out. I get a general sense now, right now, today, that this case could possibly be solved soon.”

If nothing else, the distraught father hoped that the attention the famed bounty hunter brought to the case would be helpful in identifying his daughter’s murderer. And perhaps he was right. The day after Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman’s arrival, a suspect was identified.

Police searched for Adam Pinkusiewicz, who formerly worked with Crystal Beck Turner at a Moab McDonald’s. Unfortunately, before police could bring him in for an interview, Pinkusiewicz committed suicide. Before he did so, however, he admitted to murdering two women and provided details that weren’t released to the public.

Father of Kylen Schulte Thanks Dog the Bounty Hunter for Assisting With Moab Murder Case

The case remains ongoing, but Kylen Schulte’s father, Sean-Paul Schulte, already feels an immense amount of relief. Not only do police suspect they finally identified his daughter’s killer, but Dog the Bounty Hunter himself came all the way to Moab to assist in the case, at Schulte’s request.

In a Facebook post, Schulte expressed his gratitude toward the team of bounty hunters. “I can’t express how incredible your team is!!!” he wrote. “From the first minute, you all were go go go. I love how you split up and did different chores. I am floored at the sheer amount of experience you all have at CRIME Fighting. Talk about boots on the ground!!”

“Also I love the fact that you open your hearts to us,” the grieving father continued. “You pray and bless as you go. Thank you for unwrapping the serpent from my heart and helping me start to heal. Thank you for touching the lives of a few, while you were here. My SunnyRose Housing Foundation is gaining momentum now!!”

Dog the Bounty Hunter reposted the heartfelt message to Twitter and added a message of his own, wishing Sean-Paul Schulte peace. “As Sean-Paul Schulte continues the healing process over the death of his daughter Kylen, the team is thankful we were able to play a small part in helping him to find peace,” he wrote.