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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Family Reacts to Death of ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ Star David Robinson

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by BG022/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Family members connected with Dog the Bounty Hunter have been taking to social media for reactions to David Robinson’s death. Robinson worked alongside Duane “Dog” Chapman for a good period of time. Robinson’s expertise was reportedly in the technical aspect of hunting. Recently, he had his own TV series titled Dog’s Most Wanted. Sadly, Robinson died at 50 years old on Wednesday, November 30.

First up is Cecily Chapman, who is the daughter of Beth Chapman. She headed over to Instagram to write up her tribute to Robinson. She said that she learned about his death after landing at Stapleton International Airport in Denver. Cecily had flown there for her grandmother’s funeral. But she’d also received texts regarding Robinson. In her post, Cecily Chapman posed a photo of herself, her late mother, and Robinson. She wrote, “I honestly can’t believe this is real.” She remembered Robinson as her “good friend, my team mate, and sometimes uncle to me.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Bonnie Paid Tribute To Robinson

Chapman also would call Robinson “the best wing man anyone could ever have.” She adds that Robinson was “loved by so many of us.” She notes that “our family and friends definitely just took a huge loss.” Chapman adds, “I’m sure my mom welcomed you in when you got up there say hi to her for me. We were always the three partners in crime in the fields always making everyone laugh.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth’s daughter Bonnie paid her tribute to Robinson. She shared a gallery of different images of him. Bonnie said Robinson “was the epitome of a true man, one who stood up for the people around him and made those around him laugh and smile.” She later added, “Every moment I’ve had with David I’m thankful for.” Bonnie was thinking back to her mother’s death. She writes that Beth “would be so devastated but elated to have him by her side in the after life because she knew how many people loved him and relied on his resilience. No one will ever compare to you, I’m thankful I got to call you family.”

Chapman’s daughter-in-law Jamie wrote that Robinson “is and was a wonderful person” who “walked into a room and light it up with his smile and personality.” Jamie also wrote about the heartbreak that her best friend Brooke, Robinson’s wife, and her husband, Leland Chapman, are dealing with right now, Pop Culture reports. She notes that Robinson was her husband’s best friend. Jamie writes that “his person to lean on is gone, but he will stand beside me and will be strong to make sure David’s wife gets through this.”