Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son Announces Beloved Pet’s Death in Heartbreaking Post

by Joe Rutland

We picked up some sad news on Sunday from Leland Chapman, who is the son of Dog the Bounty Hunter, as his dog died. Leland has been a part of Dog’s TV shows over the years and fans have kept up with him. Yet on Sunday, he would go on Instagram and break the news about Kona The Dog. You can read what he wrote about his beloved animal in this social media post.

Fans are pouring out their own condolences to Leland at this time. One writes, “Sending you and @jamiepchapman so much love. They are the best little souls and Kona was a warrior through and through. Having to say goodbye to them is absolutely the worst feeling. It just hurts so much. Sending y’all so much love”. Another fan says, “I’m so sorry, he will always be with you, he had the best dad”. As you can tell, Leland posted a few pictures of Kona and also a video of him getting petted. It’s obviously apparent that Kona is loving his petting session. Well, Kona will be missed by Leland and his family.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Made An Appearance On ‘The Masked Singer’

Let’s talk a little bit about something brighter in the life of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Back in April, Dog, who also is known as Duane Chapman, appeared on the Fox show The Masked Singer. Yes, he actually went out there and bounced around in a big suit. He was dancing around as an Armadillo. Well, the big reveal happened after Dog was singing a classic music song, Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers.

“Singing in a mask is so much harder than catching criminals,” Chapman said afterward. “This show rates No. 1 because it’s a tough show. You better be ready. I usually don’t sing but Francie, my wife, made me. And I sat down and sung to her and my dog. You talk about nervous? I’ve got a lot of children and I was always nervous before they were born.”

Earlier this year, Dog even announced getting involved in a new business venture. Does the idea of him being in video games impress you? He’s lined up with Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp. to make that happen. Hey, we could see that happening since Dog loves chasing down the bad guys. Get a techno-style Dog up and running while we, at home, have a lot of fun, with it, too. Chapman remains devoted, though, to his work around chasing down bad guys. That’s never going to change for him at all.