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Donald Anthony St. Claire, Former ‘Amazing Race’ Contestant, Dead at 87

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Sad news from the world of The Amazing Race as contestant Donald Anthony St. Claire has died at 87 years old. St. Claire’s son Greg told TMZ that his father collapsed and died at his home in Angels Camp, California. The family believes that he might have suffered a heart issue.

Recent reports from the family indicated that St. Claire had not been feeling well lately. In case you forgot, St. Claire and his wife Mary Jean appeared on The Amazing Race in the show’s sixth season back in 2004. St. Claire had been checked out by physicians and things appeared to look good. TMZ understood that St. Claire’s death came as a shock to the family.

‘The Amazing Race’ Will Have Former NFL Coach As A Contestant

St. Claire and his wife were eliminated in Germany and finished in 8th place. Beyond his time on the TV show, St. Claire happened to be a physician in Northern California. He practiced internal medicine in Palo Alto, California, for 40 years. St. Claire served on Stanford University’s clinical faculty. The St. Claires, as a couple, traveled the world along with family members. In fact, Donald won an International Winemaker of the Year award.

Meanwhile, in other news from The Amazing Race, former National Football League coach Rex Ryan, 59, is going to compete on the popular show. He’s joining forces alongside Timm Mann, who happens to be a golfing partner of Ryan’s. In case you don’t know how the show works, 12 teams take off for a trip around the world.

Host Phil Keoghan Reflected On Show’s Long Tenure

These contestants will take part in different challenges along the way. What’s at stake? A final prize of $1 million. That goes to the first team to successfully reach the final destination. These days, you can catch Ryan as part of the ESPN NFL crew. He’s pretty much a mainstay on the network’s NFL Sunday Countdown program. But The Amazing Race will be taking him out of the friendly confines of a TV studio and into the competitive world.

Back in January, longtime host Phil Keoghan reflected upon the long tenure of the show on CBS. “I think more than ever, The Amazing Race is an important show to be on the air, because we need to start celebrating some of the better things in the world,” the host told TV Insider. “We’ve been getting stuck and weighted down with what’s wrong, and The Amazing Race is a lot about what’s right and opening people’s eyes up to some of the more positive things that we should be celebrating, including the human spirit.”