Donnie Wahlberg’s Wife Jenny McCarthy Speaks Out About Hugh Hefner

by Chris Piner

In a new documentary series from A&E, the network explores the lavish and sometimes peculiar life of Hugh Hefner, the Playboy empire, and the outlandish mansion. Hosting some of the biggest celebrities in the world, the Playboy mansion became somewhat of an urban legend as to what happened behind closed doors. With the new documentary sharing some light on the good and the bad, former Playboy, Jenny McCarthy, recently discussed her time at the mansion and why she refused to take part in the documentary. 

Currently married to Donnie Wahlberg and judging The Masked Singer, Jenny McCarthy shared her experiences at Playboy and with founder Hugh Hefner. Appearing on the #NoFilter with Zack Peter, she admitted, “I didn’t have the same experiences, so I wasn’t going to sign up for a paycheck and be salacious when I didn’t experience those things. And hearing their stories, my heart broke for a lot of these women.” 

Offered an interview and hosting duties in the new documentary, Jenny McCarthy turned down A&E. The actress added, “I’m so grateful that when I was there, Hef was married [to Kimberly Conrad] and it was kind of run like a strict dormitory. Like, we weren’t even allowed near Hef or around the house. It was almost like Catholic school, to be honest. There were no orgies or big parties going on. So I think I went in there in a window of time that was kind of safe for me. But hearing some of these girls’ stories was really rough.”

Jenny McCarthy’s Life Outside Playboy

Jenny McCarthy’s rise in Playboy happened back in 1993 when she posed as Playmate of the Month. From there, she received Playmate of the Year in 1994 and appeared in numerous publications until 2012. 

Besides posing in Playboy, Jenny McCarthy went on to have a promising career as an actress and television host. She once called her time on The View the hardest job she ever had. Brought on the show in 2013, the actress recalled producers telling her to freshen up the show, She responded, “I don’t want to be a fighter … I’m not gonna die on a hill for a politician or a pop star’s crusade, there’s way more important things in life than to fight about every single thing that is going on in the world.” 

When asked to clarify her statement on Barbra Walters in the book Ladies Who Punch, Jenny McCarthy defended her statement about the co-host making her time on the show miserable. “I knew what I was getting into. I wish there was a little bit more context, but I knew exactly what I was saying.” She concluded, “I feel like they made it seem like I was being too hard on Barbara, when really I have the most compassion for her. Like, I love Barbara. Like, she was my girl.”