‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ Star Jane Seymour Posts Heartwarming Pics From Son’s Wedding

by Samantha Whidden

That’s one excited mother of the groom! “Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman” star Jane Seymour took to her Instagram earlier this week to share a series of snapshots from her son’s wedding over the weekend. 

“Congratulations Kris and Miso!” Jane Seymour declared in the social media post. “What a gorgeous wedding and incredibly special day.”

Jane Seymour then shared that her family continues to grow with her daughter-in-law’s wonderful relatives. “So happy to see Johnny and Kris perform together as well,” she added, sharing a video of her twin sons performing a song together. 

Jane Seymour previously opened up about how her twin boys were named after Johnny Cash and Christopher Reeve. “Christopher knew I was pregnant and loved the boys,” Seymour recalled. “Johnny became a really good friend when I did Dr. Quinn. He asked me to do a movie of his life, which ended up being ‘Walk the Line.’”

Johnny Cash and Jane Seymour starred together in “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” The music legend appeared in four episodes of the hit ‘90s series. Meanwhile, Seymour and Reeve starred together “Somewhere in Time.”

Jane Seymour Recalls Falling ‘Madly in Love’ With Christopher Reeve on the Set of ‘Somewhere in Time’ 

New York Post reported earlier this spring, Jane Seymour spoke to TCM host Alicia Malone about how she fell “madly in love” with the late Christopher Reeve while on the set of their ‘80s film, “Somewhere in Time.”

“Well, here comes the story that I’m officially telling you now,” Jane Seymour declared. “Because Chris and I, when we made [‘Somewhere in Time’], we literally fell madly in love. When you see this film, you will see the real thing. But we didn’t let anyone know. So a few of the people who work don the show kind of sussed it out, but we were as subtle as we could be about it.”

Jane Seymour went on to share that she and Reeve were madly in love and life was wonderful. “We were both single; it was a fantastic, amazing experience.”

However, the romance fell apart when Jane Seymour heard that Reeve was having a child with his ex-girlfriend, Gae Exton. It was the same day that the duo was shooting a love scene and a break-up scene. 

“And then one day I came into work [to film] one of the biggest scenes in the movie…” Seymour continued. “Just before that, Chris had had an earlier call and I came in about half an hour later, and they said, ‘Chris needs to talk to you about something,’ I thought, ‘That’s really odd, we’ve had a long time to talk about things, so what could it be?’ It was that he was about to have a baby, and that his ex-girlfriend hadn’t told him, and that she’d just announced it to the world.”

Despite what happened, Seymour said she and Reeve stayed friends until his death in 2004.