‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Celebrates Daughter’s ‘Senior Parade’ in Heartwarming Pics Posted by His Wife

by Samantha Whidden

On Sunday (May 15th), “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson celebrated his daughter Mia’s “senior parade” and his wife, Missy Robertson, caught every minute of the celebration. 

“So much fun last night celebrating our girl in the Senior Parade at church!” Jase Robertson’s wife declared on Instagram. “She’s about to graduate from high school!!!! Those cowboy boots may come in handy this fall.”

While speaking to HNGN in 2015 about Mia’s struggles with her cleft lip and palate, the “Duck Dynasty” star shared that she was not very good at talking about her daughter’s story for years. “When you think about having a child with such a facial disfigurement, it can be very emotional. There are so many different processes and phases that she had to go through, and each one is very life-altering.”

The wife of “Duck Dynasty” castmate Jase Robertson further explained that Mia had to change her activities and give up something of her life for every phase she went through. “As a mom, it can very difficult to watch your children have to go do different things that other kids – and even my other two boys -have never had to deal with. So it’s been very hard to talk about.”

Missy Robertson also said for a long time she never put things on Facebook to her small group of friends because it was just very emotional for her. “I’m a little older in the process, and my faith has grown even more through watching how God has worked in our lives and how he worked through Mia’s little life, and I have the confidence now that I’m not going to make these huge mistakes because God’s not going to let me.”

Aside from Those Life-Altering Phases, the Daughter of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Had a Normal Childhood 

Although she had to make some changes in her life, the daughter of “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson continued to have a normal childhood. Missy said that Mia has never shown that she feels like she’s different from other people. 

“She understands her condition,” Missy Robertson confirmed. “There’s nothing wrong with her, her brain, or her mentality about any of this. She’s a completely normal child when it comes to that. It’s not like she doesn’t understand what is going on, she knows.”

Missy Robertson further explained that Mia had to have various surgeries to change the way she looked. “Her bone structure, her profile, everything on her face. She just started middle school this year, [which is] already hard on her.”

In regards to whether or not Mia will need more surgeries, Missy Robertson added, “We thought this was just a problem that you can fix and move on from, but we’ve learned that it is not something you can fix, but something you have to manage because when the palate is involved, that involves the structure of the face, and everyone knows that a baby doesn’t stop growing just because it comes out of the womb.”