‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Talks Finding Out Why ‘Bad Things Happen to Good People’

by Shelby Scott

A global pandemic and a failing economy have many Americans in a rather negative state of mind. And no matter how hard we might try, things only seem to get worse. That said, “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson is pondering a question many of us might be thinking about right now: why do bad things happen to good people? While I might not know the answer, Jase Robertson has a pretty solid idea and he shares his thoughts regarding the answer in the clip below. Check it out.

“Hell, when I first became a Christian,” he began, “I used to be stumped when people would say, ‘Well, how come bad things happen to good people?'”

At first, he revealed he never truly understood the reason why. However, the answer came to him later as a devoted Christian.

“Now, I’m like, ‘So we rely on God,” he scoffed. “That’s just part of it. All I had to do was read my bible to figure that out.”

He explains that while this question is so common among humanity, readers of the bible come across the answer “over and over.”

The comments following Jase Robertson’s post show that many “Duck Dynasty” fans agree with his statement.

“100% truth!!!!” one of the star’s followers wrote. “Rely on God. Lean on His presence. Study His Word. Yup!!”

Another said, “So true! It’s hard because you want to understand but you just have to become closer to God. I was always taught that bad things happen to good people because this is not God’s world. You just have to have faith in God to get you through it.”

‘Ducky Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Welcomes ‘Unexpected Newborn’

Life has a crazy way of bringing you what you least expected and for “Ducky Dynasty’s” Jase Robertson and his wife Missy, that’s an “unexpected newborn.”

Earlier this month, the TV star opened up about the family’s new life with the little blessing, who came to the family in March 2022. Sweet images show Jase, Missy, and the rest of the Robertson family spoiling the little boy with love, though the “Duck Dynasty” star was careful to protect the baby’s identity, with blue heart emojis covering his face.

“Having an unexpected newborn in the house has reminded me of the meaning of ‘new life’ in Christ,” Robertson shared. “Fresh, clean, and full of hope and purity. New life also brings great joy! We are a joy to our Creator. We are His Treasure.”

When Jase and Missy Robertson first welcomed the baby boy into their family, the “Duck Dynasty” star said it felt as though he fell out of the sky and his famous wife was waiting to catch him. He further shared, “What an honor to be asked to step in the gap. And show this baby and his mother the unconditional love of our Father.”

Of Missy Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” star said, “My wife is a rock star!”