‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Pens Heartfelt Message for Daughter Sadie’s 25th Birthday

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (June 11th), “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram account celebrating her daughter Sadie Robertson Huff on her 25th birthday. 

In the Instagram post, the “Duck Dynasty” castmate writes, “Happy Birthday Sadie Robertson Huff! Actually can’t believe you are 25!! Had to do the math several times to believe it!”

Korie Robertson went on to share that she has loved her daughter every second of the 25 years she has spent with her. “You are the sweetest mom, most encouraging wife, an incredible leader, and a generous, kind, fun daughter and friend! You live life to its fullest and work harder than anyone I know. I love our talks, phone calls, our FaceTimes, dinners together, neighborhood walks with Honey, even our 7am workout, anytime I’m with you!”

The “Duck Dynasty” star goes on to declare that she is praying for the greatest blessings over her daughter’s life. “I love you with all my heart, not because of all that you do, but because of who you are! You teach me things daily and have since the day you were born. You are the original!”

Korie Robertson then advises that Sadie shouldn’t worry about Honey looking like her dad, Christian Huff. “She is the best of both of you, just as you are of us. Love you!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Details About Growing Up in Her Parent’s Home

While speaking to Jennie Allen in 2020, “Duck Dynasty” cast member, Sadie Robertson Huff, opened up about what life was like growing up. 

“ Honestly, it was a lot of fun,” Robertson Huff shared. “This is what I always say about my parents, because everyone always asks me, “what’s the key to success?” They ask mom that too. Mom and dad were just really fun and they had a lot of fun. They were strict and they were our parents, but they were never scary to come to and talk about real stuff.”

Robertson Huff further recalled asking her mother every question in the world. “And all my siblings made fun of me for it because they knew if anything got to me, it would get to mom. It was awesome though, because it made us have a relationship and helped me grow more in wisdom. But at the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of goofy people who liked to laugh at each other and at ourselves. Lots of game nights and lots of pizza.”

In regards to battling anxiety through the years, Robertson Huff added, “ I didn’t think I could control that I have panic attacks. Time after time of calling mom and her speaking scripture over me, it began to sink into my mind and heart. I started to quote that over and over and over anytime I started feeling fear or anxiety.”