‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Posts Sweet Birthday Tribute to Oldest Son Reed

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson took to her Instagram account to wish her firstborn child, Reed Robertson, a happy 27th birthday. 

“Our first born is 27 today!” Missy Robertson announced in the post with an adorable snapshot of the “Duck Dynasty” alum’s son and his family. “Happy birthday to Reed, who is one of the very best husbands and fathers I’ve ever been honored to known.”

Missy Robertson also wrote that Reed honors her and her husband, fellow “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson, more than he’ll ever know. “I know you honor the Father just as much. Keep sharing your generous heart with all those around you. You are a blessing!”

Missy Robertson previously opened up about her son, Reed, during an interview. “Reed is the firstborn and I think like a lot of firstborns, although I only have one I can’t really compare him to another firstborn, but he is a go-getter. He does not take no for an answer.

However, with that kind of stubbornness, Missy Robertson said there were some challenges. “That was hard raising him as a mom. Because when I said no, I thought that I would show him that I’m in it. But when he questioned me 450 times every time I said no, that began to be a challenge.”

Despite the challenges, Missy Robertson said that her son is very determined and strong-willed. “He is Type A and D, which those two things sometimes are not too great. He’s not great at studying. But he’s great at anything else he wants to do. He gives it 100% of his effort.”  

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Shares More Details About Her Son Reed and His Talents 

Meanwhile, “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson revealed that her son Reed is very talented when it comes to drawing. “He’s very, very talented and very creative,” Robertson shared. “And lots of fun.”

But then Missy Robertson goes back to Reed’s strong-will personality.  “I saw him, I said ‘Reed, if you would have stopped five minutes ago, you wouldn’t be in trouble. But you talk so much you get yourself in trouble. It’s just the way it is. So he brings a lot of life, laughter, and frustration too in the family.”

Missy Robertson also spoke about Reed’s talents in an A&E interview. “Each of our three children, Reed, Cole, and Mia have different personalities and they are each accomplished in a variety of things. Reed is a great athlete and succeeds in practically every sport he attempts. He also has a great musical ability and a beautiful singing voice. His gift of drawing and art has won him several awards at school and on the internet.”