‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Reveals Heartbreaking News About Family Doctor

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson shared heartbreaking news about her daughter’s surgeon today.

Mia Robertson, Missy’s 19-year-old daughter, was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, an incredibly rare condition that happens when a baby’s facial features do not completely develop during pregnancy.

Throughout her life, she has undergone several reconstructive procedures. And Missy credits one of Mia’s longtime surgeons, Dr. David Genecov, for Mia’s incredible progress. Over the weekend, Dr. Genecov tragically passed away following a car accident.

“Our family is saddened beyond words,” Missy wrote on Instagram. “… Dr. David changed Mia’s life in ways no other surgeon could possibly have done

The 59-year-old renowned plastic surgeon specialized in pediatric craniofacial procedures. Missy Robertson shared that he was brilliant, innovative, and caring. And he was wholly dedicated to his work with Mia

“His caring nature helped calm her (and me), but his steadfast encouragement to both of us that we can do the hard things helped make both me and Mia stronger than we could have thought possible. He laughed at himself and told stories of being shorter than his patients,” Missy continued. “He looked Mia in the eyes at each visit and involved her in the decisions and plans he had for her health.”

Missy Robertson’s Daughter is Thriving as a Freshman at Lipscomb University

The reality star added that Dr. David treated them and everyone else like true friends and that no other doctor could have given them the emotional or professional support that he offered. Because of him, Mia thrived. And today, she is attending Lipscomb University on an academic scholarship.

The Dallas, Texas-based specialist was the director of the International Craniofacial Institute and had treated more than 17,000 people living in 30 different countries, according to his website.

“He was more than we could ask for or imagine for her cleft journey,” Missy wrote. “We will miss him greatly, but we are so very grateful for the work he did for Mia and all his cleft patients and the legacy of medical innovations he leaves for generations to come!”

Missy Robertson believes that thousands of families will mourn Dr. David because of his skill and heart.

“Telling Mia wasn’t easy, and she is grieving the loss tonight,” she admitted. “She can’t remember her life before Dr. David. Please pray for his family and all of those who are grieving his loss.”