‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Pens Touching Message to Baby Honey

by Suzanne Halliburton

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff knows how to best describe true love. You can find it in her social media letters to her daughter.

On Tuesday, Robertson was on a family vacation. She’s near the water somewhere, loving life with husband Christian and their daughter, Honey. Robertson, who turned 25 on June 11th, writes a lot about Honey. She’s a new mother with a lot to say. Tuesday’s Instagram post was a special one.

“This girl,” the Duck Dynasty star says. “She’s perfect. Being her mom is my favorite thing that I get to do. It is not always as pretty as matching outfits on vacation.” (We all need such cuteness).

“In fact it rarely is, but it is a gift every second nonetheless. “We took so many pictures this week and in most of them I’m looking at my girl smiling ear to ear. I couldn’t stop staring at her cuteness – made perfectly in the image of God.”

And then Robertson goes deeper with her thoughts. The Duck Dynasty daughter wrote: “Earlier that day I had had an insecure thought. … Does that shock anyone? A girl at the beach having an insecure thought? No, it doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t because every girl has that.”

Honey Is One of Newest Members of Duck Dynasty Family

And again, she comes back to her daughter. Honey turned one last month. Sadie threw a pink-themed birthday party. Even Honey’s outfit was a custom pink baseball jersey. Sadie wrote about that day when Honey feels unsure of herself. “One day Honey James will have an insecure thought, and it broke my heart,” she wrote. “Like it really did break my heart. It actually did shock me, because she’s not every other girl – she’s my girl.”

Sadie Robertson hosts her own podcasts and she writes books to help other women her age. This day by the water could be part of life anecdote she reveals to her listeners and readers. She wrote: “People always say that when you have your own child it opens up your eyes to seeing how God loves you in a new way. That has been true for the past 399 days and today this was the way I got to be reminded of how God sees me. as His girl. So I’m sharing it with you so you can see it too.

The Duck Dynasty star continued: “The thought that you would be insecure is actually shocking. It always should be really. no matter if you’ve gained a little weight lately, have a little more acne during this season, or something doesn’t fit you like it does someone else… you were created intentionally by design and God said that His design was good. so period.

“I already tell Honey this, even though she might not understand yet. However, when I tell her to stick her tongue out she does so she’s getting something, lol. But I tell her, Honey you were made perfectly. Never look to the left or the right – look to Jesus – the author and perfecter of your faith.”

And then she has one final message as she sits with her daughter by the calming water.

“So girls, I’m telling you the same thing tonight. Don’t look to the left or the right. Shoot girl, don’t even look in the mirror, because who you were made to be is more than that. Look to Jesus. Go read Genesis 1 to remind yourself you were a part of an epic intentional creation.”