‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Shares Powerful Veterans Day Message in New Video

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has a few loves in his life and they happen to include his family, his guns, and his Bible. Yet in this very powerful message, Robertson aims his admiration for those who have served in the military. He’s a devout Christian man who shares his values with those who follow him. “To all you veterans that protect us, I appreciate it. Big time,” Robertson said. “Bibles and guns.” If you haven’t seen Robertson’s video for Veterans Day, then you can take a look right here and see it for yourself.

Of course, for those following Duck Dynasty know that Phil actually is the patriarch of the family. It’s kind of like what he thinks or feels about something sets the tone for the other family members. Besides his faith and family, Phil Robertson has been known to be quite active politically. He’s spoken at past CPAC events, which are conservative in their leanings. Robertson can be seen speaking to the masses while also holding his Bible in his hand.

Phil Robertson Admitted Watching Biopic ‘The Blind’ Wasn’t Always Easy

One person wrote back to Phil Robertson, “Thanks and thankful for you and your family” with a praying hands and Bible emoji following it. Another person wrote, “You thanked me for my service. Thank you for being an American worth fighting for!” Others followed those comments with a thank you or simply the word grateful. Fans love to see what Phil posts on Instagram all the time.

Meanwhile, recently Phil Robertson saw the wraps be put on his biopic titled The Blind. But he readily admits that watching the movie was not easy for him to do. “This movie shows me at my worst moments,” Robertson wrote on an Instagram post on Oct. 10. “It wasn’t easy for me to watch, especially at first. But The Blind is also a movie about love and hope. If a scoundrel like me can be redeemed, then believe me, so can you.” If you are looking for this movie to hit the theaters, then get ready. It will be out on Sept. 22, 2023.

Will it be a family movie? Well, what we know is that it will cover some of the early difficult times that Phil Robertson went through in his life. But the final product lets people see that even Phil Robertson can be, as he put it, redeemed. A powerful part of the Robertson’s life story is his finding Christianity and letting it have a place in his life. From that point onward, things started to change for the better for him. Also, Phil Robertson was able to build up his family in the ways of God and faith.