‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Celebrates Granddaughter Honey’s First Birthday With Sweet Photos

by Joe Rutland

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is one proud grandfather and is showing off with some sweet photos of granddaughter Honey. It’s her first birthday so granddad has to break out the fantastic pictures. The Duck Dynasty star shows off Honey with a selfie, driving her around in his car, and out among his garden. These photos definitely show how much love he has in his heart for Honey.

Granddad Willie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Doing Some Bragging About His Granddaughter

Fans were quick to offer their best wishes to Honey. One writes, “Looking good y’all. God Bless You! Happy Birthday”. Another says, “Oh how fun!! Raised beds gonna have lots [of] garden adventures with her.” This one writes, “Great picture! What a happy blessing!” Indeed it’s a true blessing for Willie Robertson and his family.

When it comes to fame, then Robertson knows how tough it was for his kids. “Most everything that my kids did or are doing, I’ve done. I have experience in that,” he said during an appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast with Outsider’s Marty Smith. “I went to college, had children, graduated, jobs, all these kinds of things I’ve done. The only thing I hadn’t done that they were in was actually be famous at a young age. I had no experience with that.”

Dad Recalls How Fame Would Affect His Daughter Sadie

He reflects on his daughter Sadie and her life. Robertson says she went on Dancing with the Stars at 17 years old. He tells Smith that she would have fans get on her while playing basketball. “They would lose a game and they’re in there crying, and then they come out and there’s 20 people wanting a photo,” he said.

Last Thanksgiving, he talked about what he was grateful for at that time. If you know anything about Willie, then it’s that he loves to hunt. Deer was on his mind at that time and he showed off some delicious food in a holiday picture.

Did you know that Willie happened to return to TV? He was the mallard on The Masked Singer before being revealed. Robertson also talked about what that experience was like for him. “I was practicing a lot and singing. And I had music going constantly,” he tells Access Hollywood. Robertson even talked about wearing his mallard costume on the show. He says it was as “hot as you could ever imagine. After every performance, I was soaking wet.” But he’s not putting on any costume right now. It’s all about being a loving grandfather to Honey these days.