‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Celebrates ‘Babies, Sunsets, and Horses’ in Touching Post

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is sharing some very sweet, tender photos with us while reminding us about some important things. Robertson gives us a look at children who are marveling at nature itself. She starts off her post with reminders about babies, sunsets, and horses. Hey, all three of those make an appearance in these snaps. Take a look for yourself.

Korie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fame Offers Up Some Wise Words With Photos

“Babies, sunsets, and horses…is anything sweeter?” Korie Robertson writes. “What 3 things are you loving right now? Here are a few more of mine: *Morning coffee, kindle, air conditioning, *Kids swimming, sunshine, wildflowers, *linen sheets, Survivor, family meals”. That is some kind of lineup right there.

One fan writes in the comments, “Zoom in on Honey and Sadie‘s face profile in that third pic and tell me they are not twins!” Another one says, “How Honey is watching her cousin sweet”. This one also notes the children in the pictures. “The look Honey is giving her adored big cousin. You are blessed that your children and grandchildren live close enough to get together.”

Mom Is All Happy About Her Daughter Sadie’s Book That’s Out This Year

Korie Robertson and her husband, Willie Robertson, are staying busy these days. Recently, she said that she fell in love with her husband all over again. In another Instagram post, she writes in part, “Had some new pictures taken and fell in love with my man all over again. Once we have kids and grands it’s easy to just take pictures of them, right?! This is a reminder Mom’s and Dad’s, don’t forget to still take pictures together too!”

Her daughter Sadie has a new book out and Korie is praising the message in it. Sadie Robertson’s book is focused on helping support people in their daily walk with God. Mom Korie is all in the mom’s good feelings about this literary gift to the world. In part, Korie writes, “Listen to those words Sadie is speaking over shoppers… Calling us to live with purpose, to stop comparing ourselves to others, to stop trying to be liked enough, and to stop seeking joy in all the wrong places. Wow! Shining bright, girl!!”

One thing that people who do follow the Robertsons knows is their own commitment to their faith. It’s something that Phil Robertson talks about whenever possible. Willie and Korie have passed that along to their children and it shows. Duck Dynasty is still popular with fans and they love to keep up with everyone in the Robertson family.