‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Snaps Beach Pic of ‘Sweetest Aunt’ Bella Robertson Mayo

by Leanne Stahulak

Look at how time flies! “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson snapped the cutest photo of her now five-month-old granddaughter earlier this week, featuring little Holland’s “sweet” aunt, Bella Robertson Mayo.

Korie Robertson’s oldest daughter, Rebecca Robertson Loflin, welcomed the newest member to the “Duck Dynasty” family on December 24, 2021. Holland is Korie and Willie Robertson’s fifth grandchild. She joins her brother Zane and cousins John Shepherd, Ella, and Honey.

Now, Holland is five months old and growing bigger by the day. You can tell how happy she is in the sweet photos that “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson posted on Instagram earlier.

“@bellarobmayo and Holland on the beach needed their own square! Bella, you are the sweetest aunt, and Holland you have our heart!” Korie wrote in her caption. Look at that adorable baby smile!

Bella Robertson, the aunt in question, commented on the photo and said, “Awwww I love her so much!!!!”

Holland’s mom, Rebecca, also commented with heart-eye emojis. And then, of course, she had to follow it up with a playful jab at her younger sister. “She is sweet if you catch her at the right moment within the 15 mins time frame lol,” Rebecca commented, referencing Korie’s “sweetest aunt” comment.

Korie even agreed, replying, “haha! True! This was within that 15 min.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Posts the Cutest Pics of All Her Grandkids

Is there any grandma prouder or more in love than “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson? It’s hard to say, especially when she continually posts the sweetest pics of all her grandchildren.

Holland might have been the most recent grandkid in the spotlight, but Korie takes the time to highlight the rest of them. Ella and John Shepherd, the kids of Korie’s son John Luke and his wife Mary Kate, were featured in a post a few days ago. The post was about Mary Kate’s birthday, but most of the photos included her adorable kids.

We also saw a picture of one of the grandchildren making cinnamon toast with Korie and another of the kids riding horses. Korie captioned that last post, “Babies, sunsets, and horses…is anything sweeter? What 3 things are you loving right now? Here are a few more of mine: *Morning coffee, kindle, air conditioning *Kids swimming, sunshine, wildflowers *linen sheets, Survivor, family meals.”

Earlier in May, Korie dedicated a long post to her granddaughter Honey, daughter of Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff. she has the biggest eyes and sweetest smile in every picture.

And of course, we can’t forget Zane, Rebecca’s son. He appeared in the family Easter photo, with Korie posing with all of her grandkids. Check out the cuteness below.