‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Speaks on the ‘Complete Honor and Privilege’ of Motherhood in Powerful Post

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

On Sunday (May 8th), “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson took to her Instagram to reveal her thoughts about motherhood.

In the social media post, “Duck Dynasty’s” Missy Robertson shared, “It is a complete honor and privilege as a woman to have a human life grow inside my body. To bring three lives into the world is beyond blessed.”

The “Duck Dynasty” star also revealed that she has lost babies due to complications with her body. “Like other women, I have been chosen to become a mom to precious lives who lacked a mother to care for them. I was raised by a godly mom. Married a man with a godly mom. And am overjoyed that my granddaughter has a godly mom.”

Missy Robertson then wrote about how God created mothers for a purpose that no one else could ever fulfill. She further declared that mothers are to serve and love. “I am SURROUNDED by servants and lovers of their children. No matter what age our children are, we as mothers will continue to be called to serve and love. Serve and love. What a privilege it is to be called to serve and love. That’s what Jesus did. What an amazing God we serve!”

Missy Robertson also shares three children of her own with “Duck Dynasty” co-star Jase Robertson. The couple recently announced they welcomed a newborn baby boy in March 2022. At that time, Jase also shared, that he and Missy felt like the infant fell right out of the sky and Missy was there to catch him. What an honor to be asked to step in the gap. And show this baby and his mother the unconditional love of our Father.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Shares Her Own Parenting Advice 

During an interview with A&E, “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson revealed her own parenting advice. When asked how she encourages her three children, Roberson said that all three have different personalities. “It’s easy to encourage your children when it comes to their accomplishments. It’s not so easy but is far more important to encourage them when it comes to their failures or challenges.”

Missy Robertson also said that, to her, encouragement and praise are two different things. She revealed it is important for kids to know that they are not great at everything they do. “If they find they are good at something or have a special gift, we encourage them to work really hard at it. And give it their best efforts.”

Meanwhile, Missy Roberston shared that telling kids they are great at everything they do gives them a false sense of security. She further explained. “ Then when they enter the real world and have to accomplish things on their own, it will be very difficult for them to grasp the fact that they aren’t as talented in that field as they were lead to believe.”