‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Reflects on Fatherhood in Powerful Post

by Joe Rutland

Anyone who has followed Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for any amount of time knows that fatherhood matters to him. While his faith is important, nothing takes the place of his own family. Sunday is Father’s Day and it called on Phil to take some time and reflect. In this lengthy Instagram post, Robertson does just that while also sharing nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Fans of Phil were effusive in their praise for the Duck Dynasty leader. One writes, “Thank you, Phil. I appreciate you.” Another one says, “We need more Phil’s in this world!!” And this fan writes, “A true blessing to all you come in contact with I’m so sure, Marvelous family, only wish I had the Honor to meet you all, continue to be Blessed”.

There is another show from the Robertson family coming up on FOX Nation. This one will be called Duck Family Treasure featuring Uncle Si Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Jep Robertson. Could Phil show up on this one? Hey, it’s kind of all in the family here for this show, too.

Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Says Wife Kay Still Writes Love Notes To Him

A while back, Phil let the world know that Kay Robertson, or Miss Kay to fans, still writes him love notes daily. Yes, Kay is his wife if you didn’t know. On an episode of his podcast Unashamed, Phil talked about what Kay does to keep their marriage fresh. “Miss Kay has got a pretty good handle on it,” Phil Robertson said. “She’ll leave me a note at the side of my chair, you know? The other day she said, ‘You make me feel complete. You’re my best buddy on the Earth.'”

Appearing on the same podcast, Jase had some reasons why Kay still does that to this very day. “I think the reason she always sends you letters is because that’s how God communicated,” Jase said. “And she knows that got your attention when you were 28. She’s like, ‘I think I’m gonna keep this letter thing going.’ Because she does write you a lot of notes. Almost daily.”

Meanwhile, as we said, Phil keeps his fingers on the pulse of society. This does include what does it mean to be a father. Last November, he appeared on his Instagram account talking about his new book The Beard Ballad. The book hopefully will be shared by fathers and sons. He says the book shows what it means to be a father. “To teach, to give, to share, and to love,” Phil said. “Fatherhood has flown away.” Well, Harold Cronk co-wrote the book with Phil Robertson.