‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Announces Second Baby on the Way

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Exciting news from the Duck Dynasty clan! Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian are expecting their second child. On Thursday (November 3rd), the Duck Dynasty star took to her Instagram to announce the big news. “Another little miracle is in motion,” she declared in the post, which features an adorable picture of her, Christian, and their daughter Honey James. Robertson Huff makes the big news nearly 18 months after she and Christian welcomed Honey James. 

Duck Dynasty castmate and mom of Sadie Robertson Huff also took to Instagram to share the exciting news about the family’s latest edition. “I have the VERY BEST NEWS to share!!” She declared. “Honey’s going to be a big sister!! Sadie and Christian, so excited for y’all, and also very excited for me and Willie another grand baby to love on.”

Sadie Robertson Huff further shared that her and Christian’s second baby is expected to make its debut in May. “Another little May baby on the way.”  

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Says Life Hasn’t Been ‘Insta Worthy’ Lately

The latest big news from the Duck Dynasty castmate comes just a few days after she posted a message about her outlook on social media. “Ya know, I have honestly felt weird to post anything to Instagram lately,” she admitted. “Because it’s hard for me to post a picture or come up with a caption when no picture or caption could accurately paint the picture of what life has looked like recently.”

Sadie Robertson Huff went on to explain that everyone feels the same way. “Our pictures and captions are just our attempts at capturing moments and sharing with the world although you can never get the full picture of what life is like for another.”

The Duck Dynasty star then explained that the past couple of weeks hasn’t been anything to post about or “insta worthy.” However, she did describe them as being hard. “I don’t even have many pictures I could even share or want to share, so I just didn’t!” she continued. “But although the tough few weeks are behind us and we are moving on to some really sweet life things it also feels wrong to just hop right back into posting all of life’s happy, fun, and sweet moments.”

Sadie Robertson Huff went on to add that life is full of highs and lows. But only those who you do life closely with will be able to walk with you in the fullness of that. “But it’s worth letting others know that you’re not alone in life’s great hurdles. and that is for sure … You are not alone, I for one am right there with you.”