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‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Celebrates Third Anniversary With Christian Huff: PHOTOS

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Sadie Robertson Huff of Duck Dynasty fame took to Instagram on Friday to celebrate her third wedding anniversary with Christian Huff. Her fans were overflowing with well-wishes for the couple. Many of them just simply wrote “Happy Anniversary!” and let that be their comment. As you can tell from her post, Robertson Huff is quite thrilled and happy about the occasion. Take a look at what she wrote to her husband and her adoring fans.

The latest news from Sadie Robertson Huff has to do with a baby. The couple is expecting a new addition to the family. They recently revealed the gender of their second baby. What will it be? Well, they let the world know that it’s another baby girl to come along and add joy to their lives. It was all done in yet another Instagram post. Robertson Huff wrote that she and Huff were “so excited” about the upcoming addition. In the rest sense of a gender reveal fashion, Huff had a bat in his hand and swing at the ball thrown in his direction. He hit it and the ball exploded into pink smoke. It definitely was a sight to behold for the couple at this time in their lives.

Sadie Robertson Huff Shared Information About New Dream Home With Husband

Meanwhile, a couple of months ago, Robertson Huff and Christian shared photos of their dream house currently being worked on at this time. She wrote about how when the couple moved into their first rental home, they actually talked about what they wanted their home to be. Part of their understanding was that who they were publicly would flow from them being in private. In other words, who they were behind closed doors was something that really mattered to them.

“Our house will be a house that fears the Lord, raises disciples, hosts well, loves deeply, worships naturally, dances frequently, welcomes with grace, laughs often, and picks each other up when we fall!” she wrote. One of the pictures that the couple shared was of the foundation of their dream home. Robertson Huff would also share that she and Christian prayed for what type of foundation they would be preparing physically and spiritually. In case you didn’t know, Sadie Robertson Huff takes her religious faith very, very seriously.

It’s not unusual to see her write about Jesus or Christianity in her posts online. She’s quite open about this part of her life in public. Having another addition to the family will allow her and Christian to continue growing their home even more. Sadie Robertson Huff does love her life and what she contributes to the world. With Chrisitan by her side, she continues to work on her podcast and more life goals.