‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Poses for Adorable ‘Casual’ Pics With Daughter Honey James

by Shelby Scott

Ducky Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff became the proud mom to her daughter Honey James on May 14th of last year. Since then, it has become very obvious that she adores her new family role. Ahead of the weekend, Robertson Huff took to Instagram with an adorable new set of photos featuring herself and her daughter Honey, courtesy of the duo’s “super cute date.”

In the caption, Sadie Robertson Huff wrote, “just a casual pic our super cute date took of us tonight before dinner.”

The first photo captures the 25-year-old mom and her 1-year-old daughter Honey James with bright smiles. The second one features Robertson Huff adoringly taking in her daughter’s smile as Honey James grins at their “date.”

Duck Dynasty fans took to the comments to share their love for the famous mother-daughter duo.

“THIS IS SO STINKIN CUTE!!!” one of the TV star’s fans commented. Another wrote, “Beautiful! And honey looks so happy.”

Meanwhile, several of Sadie Robertson Huff’s family members took to the comments themselves to compliment the photo.

“Cuteness!!” Robertson Huff’s mom Korie Robertson complimented. “Both of you!” In addition, Sadie’s husband Christian Huff, less seriously, joked, “hawt.”

If we know one thing when it comes to the Duck Dynasty crew, it’s that the famous family’s youngest star has already gained a massive fanbase.

Sadie Robertson Huff Shares Her Perspective Regarding Social Media

As we’ve seen since Sadie Robertson Huff welcomed her daughter last spring, social media has proved a massive hit for the young girl. Now, Honey James has as big a following as her mother. That said, as is contemporary common sense, social media doesn’t always have a positive effect on its users. Taking a break from her usual family-centric messages, Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson Huff recently took a moment on Instagram to speak about the effects social media has on individuals.

The TV star began her post by quoting John 1:5.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

She then moved into an explanation of her message. She wrote, “I’ve had social media a long time, even wrote a book on it, and still get wounded by its effects sometimes.” Robertson Huff revealed that since activating her accounts, she’s received hateful comments about everything, including her voice, body, relationships, etc. She added, “I got into the public eye at the age of 14. I’ve grown some thick skin over the years!”

That said, like everybody, Sadie Robertson Huff is also a real human with real feelings. In recognizing that, she emphasized, “There is a lot in life that we can not control, but you can control you. you can control your words, your actions, and your kindness.” More emphatically, she added, “your words hold the power of LIFE AND DEATH.”

Because people have become increasingly comfortable with sharing hateful words and messages online, the Ducky Dynasty star encouraged her followers to “turn on the lights,” asking them to reconsider sharing less than kind and inclusive messages.