’Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Posts Powerful Message About ‘Fear’

by Shelby Scott

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff is known for promoting some powerful messages about family and faith on social media. But now, the 25-year-old mom has another message for her followers, and this time, she’s posting about “fear.” See what she has to say below.

“The fear of who we used to be often keeps us from becoming who we are,” the Duck Dynasty star wrote.

Whether or not you agree with her statement, the post saw 300 likes by Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, one Twitter user responded, “That’s a problem for many…I pray I never fall into that trap.”

Certainly, keeping yourself from who you’re meant to be is limiting. However, in Sadie Robertson Huff’s post, her emphasis is on conquering the fear itself. So, as we head into another weekend, perhaps we can all try and put our foot forward and work toward becoming the person we’re intended to be.

Read Sadie Robertson Huff’s Sweet Message to Daughter Honey

Sadie Robertson Huff doesn’t always intend her thoughtful posts for everyone. A lot of times, as a mom of one, her daughter Honey James is the apple of her eye. As such, many of her writings address Honey James as she grows.

Last month, Sadie Robertson Huff took to Instagram with sweet photos of herself and her daughter during vacation. One photo shows the mommy-daughter duo peering lovingly into each other’s faces by the water. Another shows Robertson Huff and little Honey James wearing matching bathing suits.

In her post, Robertson Huff wrote, “this girl. she’s perfect. being her mom is my favorite thing that I get to do. it is not always as pretty as matching outfits on vacation.. in fact it rarely is, but it is a gift every second nonetheless.”

Amid her message, Robertson spoke about women and girls and how they’re constantly navigating “insecure thoughts.”

In continuing her post, Sadie Robertson Huff explained, “that thought led me to the sad reality that one day Honey James will have an insecure thought and it broke my heart…it actually did shock me, because she’s not every other girl – she’s my girl.”

Parenting is hard, but moms face extra pressure. Not only does society expect moms to raise their children right, but they also expect them to look good doing it. Sadly, those expectations become passed to their daughters, whether intentionally or not. And it’s that timeless struggle Sadie Robertson Huff chose to address in her post. After sharing those intimate thoughts, the Ducky Dynasty star then shared a meaningful message for her followers.

“[G]irls, I’m telling you…don’t look to the left or to the right. shoot girl, don’t even look in the mirror, because who you were made to be is more than that.”

See Sadie Robertson Huff’s full message to Honey James here.