‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff’s 4th of July Festivities Are Officially Underway: PHOTOS

by Joe Rutland

If you are looking for some cute 4th of July photos, then we might direct your attention to Sadie Robertson Huff of Duck Dynasty. Yep, she is all in the American spirit of the day. Robertson Huff went on Instagram on Saturday and shared one of herself with her daughter Honey. Oh, Sadie also decided to post a photo of her dog all gussied up in red, white, and blue colors. Obviously, she’s ready for some apple pie and fireworks. We think you might get into the spirit of the 4th of July as well thanks to these pictures.

In some pictures that she previously shared of mother and daughter, they had a date at a castle. Well, they were there and Sadie and Honey had pictures made to prove it. On Instagram, Huff wrote, “This little Queen got to go to a castle today!!! they even had a crown her size! swipe to imagine Honey James in this baby fur crown hahahaha”. The last photo in a set of three is of a crown and it might just fit Honey later in life.

Sadie Robertson Huff of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Shares Thoughts About Her Daughter Honey

There is no doubt that Huff loves her Honey. Back in June, she even penned a touching message to her. In part of a very lengthy post, Huff wrote, “This girl. She’s perfect. Being her mom is my favorite thing that I get to do. It is not always as pretty as matching outfits on vacation. In fact it rarely is, but it is a gift every second nonetheless. We took so many pictures this week and in most of them I’m looking at my girl smiling ear to ear. I couldn’t stop staring at her cuteness – made perfectly in the image of God.”

Faith is a very important part of Huff’s life and she talks about it on her podcast. With millions of followers on Instagram, she does have a very big audience for her to speak to all the time. She does not shirk her responsibilities around motherhood or even with her sharing on social media. Sadie Robertson Huff has been married to her husband, Christian Huff, since 2019.

What is her connection to the Duck Dynasty crew? Well, of course, you know that Sadie’s father is none other than Willie Robertson. By the way, her podcast is titled WHOA That’s Good. As we said, she gets to stay connected with her fans through there and on platforms like Instagram. She’s quite good at asking people of influence on her podcast about their life. Sadie gets down to some serious topics while providing laughs.