Dwayne Johnson Shares Heartwarming Note and Story From a Young Fan

by Blake Ells

Dwayne Johnson is a good guy. A young fan recently waited for hours to meet “The Rock,” and never had the chance. But the fan left a note for his favorite celebrity. Johnson is seeing to it that the kid is rewarded for his effort and patience. Check out the video below.

Troy Song from Beaverton, Ore. says he’s a huge fan. He waited to meet Dwayne Johnson at a hotel in Hawaii, but Johnson never passed him. So Song wrote Johnson a note on hotel stationary and upon returning home, “The Rock” discovered the note in his bag.

“To this 11yr old boy named, Troy Song – who waited by the hotel elevator for hours to meet me in HAWAII. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet, BUT my office is trying to get a gold of your mom and dad, so I can send you a bunch of cool stuff. Thank you Troy for this awesome note and I’m super happy that it made its way all the way to my office!” Dwayne Johnson captioned the post.

He was impressed with the kid’s dedication.

“Have a great summer and I gotta tell ya – the fact that you’re an 11 year kid, who waited for hours and TOOK ACTION to write me a note like this says A LOT about your determination, kind soul and good hearted qualities. Those are gonna take you very far in life. Tell all your friends in Beaverton The Rock said hello. Enjoy your gifts and mahalo for the note! Your buddy, DJ,” Johnson continued the social media post.

Dwayne Johnson is Good to His Fans

Dwayne Johnson has always been good to his fans. He showed up at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Las Vegas to surprise some fans and pose for photos. Fans thought they were posing with a wax statue of Johnson. It turned out that the man himself showed up to offer the real thing.

He’s also good to his family. He surprised his mother with a brand new home earlier this year. It wasn’t the first time he’d bought a home for his mom. But this time he captured this unveiling on video and shared with the world. It was a special moment to see his mom cry tears of joy. When he opened the doors for her, she had no idea what was inside. The video that he shared was a live reaction to seeing it all for the first time.

“The Rock” also talked about his own fatherhood earlier this year. He’s had a job as a professional wrestler. And he’s had a job as an actor. But he says that fatherhood is “the most important job” he’s had.