Dwayne Johnson Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage from a ‘Very Special’ Shark Week

by Samantha Whidden

With 2022 Shark Week set to kick off this weekend, Dwayne Johnson is sharing some behind-the-scenes footage from his days as “Master of Ceremonies” for the long-running Discovery Channel annual event. 

“As Master of Ceremonies for this weekend’s SHARK WEEK, I brought Discovery [and] our Seven Bucks Production to my home of Hawaii to shoot,” Dwayne Johnson shared. “A lot of hard work from sun up to sun down, but we all [had] fun and laughed along the way.”

Dwayne Johnson also wrote that he was happy to invest his Polynesian culture into Shark Week as well. “As we consider sharks our Amumkua. Gods. A very special SHARK WEEK kicks off this SUNDAY. This is a MUST SEE.”

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson recently announced plans to host Shark Week as the first-ever Master of Ceremonies. “Our Seven Bucks Productions has partnered with Discovery to bring you a very special (and badass) Shark Week,” Johnson also explained. “I filmed exclusively in my home state of Hawaii. These beautiful predators, Aumakua (Gods), are deeply revered and respected in our Polynesian culture.”

Along With Dwayne Johnson, Tracy Morgan & Others Will Also Be Making an Appearance on Discovery’s Shark Week 2022

According to its website, Discovery’s Shark Week 2022 will be offering 25 hours of new shows that feature never-been-seen footage of walking sharks, groundbreaking findings, and more mega breaches. Dwayne Johnson will be kicking off Shark Week’s 34th year. Dwayne Johnson will also appear throughout the week. Others appearing during this year’s major shark event are Tracy Morgan, Sal Vulcano, James Murray, Brian Quinn, and the cast of “Jackass.”

Beginning this Saturday (July 24th), here are the 2022 Shark Week specials. 

“Return to Headstone Hell” (July 24th): Follows Norfolk Island’s tiger sharks as they go-to-head with migrating great whites over cow carcasses. 

“Stranger Sharks” (July 25th): “Mark Rober and Noah Schnapp from Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” will search for the strangest sharks in the ocean. 

“Air Jaws: Top Guns” (July 25th): Scientists and camera crew use high-tech cameras in hopes of capturing the latest breaching great white sharks to ever be seen. 

“Mega Predators of Oz” (July 25th): A fisherman in South Australia is out to prove that the great white shark is the ultimate “mega” predator. 

Shark Week Final Days Schedule

“Extinct or Alive Jaws of Alaska” (July 26th): Follows international wildlife biologist Forrest Galante as he travels around the world in search of rare wildlife.

“Impractical Jokers Shark Week Spectacular” (July 26th): The guys try to dispel the myth that sharks are man-eating beasts through extreme challenges.

“Pigs vs Shark” (July 26th): The swimming pigs of the Bahamas have become the favorite food of the local tiger shark.

“Island of Walking Sharks” (July 27th): Wildlife conservationist and biologist Forrest Galante also travels to Papua New Guinea to prove that sharks are evolving to walk on land.

“Great White Comeback” (July 27th): An investigation into why an entire great white shark population disappeared overnight in South Africa in 2017.

“Tracy Morgan Presents: Sharks! with Tracy Morgan” (July 28th): Tracy Morgan and shark experts talk about the craziest and most ferocious sharks in the ocean. 

“Monster Mako Under the Rig” (July 28th): A mysterious group of mako sharks of the Gulf of Mexico are different from other makos.

“Clash of Killers: Great White vs Mako” (July 29th): Great whites and makos. They are tracked during their yearly migration off the coast of New Zealand.

“Shark Women: Ghosted by Great Whites” (July 29th): An all-female crew will cage dive, free dive, and also use drones and decoys to track missing white sharks.

“Monsters of the Cape” (July 30th): Dr. Craig O’Connell and Mark Rackley visit Cape Cod to test shark deterrents.