Ellen DeGeneres Has Series Cancelled at HBO Max

by Chris Piner

Once hosting a popular talk show, comedian Ellen DeGeneres used her platform to shower average people in love and gifts. Often surprising a single mother with necessities and even cash, or letting a dedicated fan meet their hero in person, there seemed to be nothing out of reach for the actress. The Ellen Show, which premiered back in 2003, produced 19 seasons and almost 3,300 episodes. Surprisingly, the show came to an end after numerous allegations were brought against her persona, claiming Ellen wasn’t the cheerful host she portrayed on television. While trying to bounce back with an animated preschool series called Little Ellen, it appears the end has come again with HBO canceling the project. 

Released in 2021, Little Ellen focused on a seven-year-old Ellen DeGeneres as she stumbled into fun and adventure in New Orleans. With a team of supportive friends around her, Little Ellen often found herself running alongside her friend Freckle and Gramsy. Although having two seasons, the show received lackluster reviews with its current rating on IMDb being only 1.7 with over 300 reviews. 

HBO Max Cleaning House

Little Ellen happened to be part of a series of content created by Ellen DeGeneres. Other shows included Ellen’s Home, First Dates Hotel, and Design Challenge. While the former host lost the show, the move from HBO Max affected more than just Ellen. Due to the recent merger, Warner Bros. Discovery seeks to restructure how the platform operates, announcing a layoff of around 14%. That is 70 employees working for both HBO and HBO Max. 

An entirely new platform surrounding HBO Max is in the works and is scheduled for a Summer 2023 debut. On top of layoffs, Little Ellen‘s cancellation, and rebranding, Warner Bros. Discovery is even testing out a new name. While remaining HBO Max for now, other names being considered included just Max. 

President of global streaming and gaming at Warner Bros. Discovery, JB Perrette, discussed the recent moves by the company at an earnings call. “At the end of the day, putting all the content together was the only way we saw to make this a viable business.” He was sure to add, “there’s something for everyone in the household.” 

As mentioned above, once the host of her own show for 19 seasons, Ellen DeGeneres ended her run with a heartfelt message at the last taping. “I walked out here 19 years ago and I said this is the start of a relationship. And today is not the end of a relationship, it’s more of a little break. You can see other talk shows now. I may see another audience once in a while. Twenty years ago when we tried to sell this show no one thought this would work, not because it was a different kind of show. It was because I was different. Very few stations wanted to buy the show and here we are 20 years later, celebrating this amazing journey together.”