Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Has Reinstated Kathy Griffin

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Elon Musk is one busy man these days at Twitter but he took time out to reinstate comedian Kathy Griffin to the platform. Right now, there is a major crisis going down with employees of the company. Many of them quit after Musk demanded that they make a “hardcore” commitment to working at Twitter. Still, Musk found time to offer Griffin an open invitation to return.

Back in November, she changed her account name to “Elon Musk” and even used the guy’s picture for her profile photo. But Griffin goes over the account of her late mother, Maggie Griffin, after being banned. Griffin kept on trolling Musk, too. Well, on Friday, she had a reply to Musk’s decision. She wrote from that other account, “Dear Eilon. You f**ked up, fool. I’m going downstairs to my basement of heads. You’re up. Xxoo, The Beheader.”

Elon Musk Still Deciding About Donald Trump’s Future On Twitter

There has been a desire from many people to have former president Donald Trump back on Twitter. Musk says that a “decision has not yet been made” about this. You might recall Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and other Internet platforms back in early 2021. He put up posts supporting the January 6 rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol. For his part, Musk has accused Twitter of even censoring conservatives. The Twitter owner previously said that he would reverse the Twitter ban on Trump. He even called it a “morally bad decision.” Trump has said he wouldn’t come back to Twitter, no matter who owned it. He plans to stick with his Truth Social platform.

Musk also said that author Jordan Peterson (which he misspelled as “Jorden”) and satire site Babylon Bee are back in business on Twitter, Variety reports. Peterson, a right-wing Canadian psychologist, was suspended in June 2022. That happened under Twitter’s rules prohibiting hateful conduct. This came after he tweeted, “Remember when pride was a sin?” Peterson then named Elliot Page, the actor who in 2020 announced that he is transgender. He said that Page’s “breasts [were] removed by a criminal physician.”

With Elon Musk restoring some accounts, one person wanted to know if Alex Jones had a shot at coming back, too. Musk simply said, “No.” Musk has been quite active in his work on Twitter after his $44 billion takeover back on Oct. 27. He said that the company will put together a content-moderation council. It will have “widely diverse viewpoints” and that “no major content decisions or account reinstatements will happen before that council convenes.”