Elvis Presley Documentary Director Promises Film ‘Will Tell the Truth’

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that the director of Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special, is planning to produce a new behind-the-scene documentary, Steve Binder stated that the upcoming documentary will tell “the truth” about the iconic music experience. 

According to Billboard, Binder announced that Elvis & Steve: The Making of the ’68 Comeback Special will tell the story of the “seminal moment” in music and TV history from the perspective of the person who brought the event to life. The 89-year-old director shared, “over the last half-century, there’s been so much written and created about Elvis, but when it comes to the 1968 special, I’m truly the only one who can tell the behind-the-scenes story of how it came to be – because I’m the only who was actually there for all that happened.”

Binder went on to say that the new documentary will take viewers behind the scenes into making the iconic special and the close bond he developed with Elvis Presley. “And the courage and strength he found to defy Colonel Tom Park and take his career into a totally different direction, none of which would have been possible with the special. My documentary Elvis & I will show the immense drama and enormous passion that went into the making of the special.”

Steve Binder Recalls Meeting Elvis Presley’s Manager & Their Interactions From Day 1

Meanwhile, Binder recalled his time with Elvis Presley and his time with Colonel Tom Parker. “The first meeting was a disaster,” Binder recalled. “Because the first thing [Parker] said was, ‘We’ve already decided on what the special is going to be. NBC agrees with me and the sponsor agrees with me and we’re going to do a 20-song Christmas special.’”

Binder still can’t figure out why he wasn’t fired after constantly butting heads with Elvis Presley’s manager. However, Presley’s wife, Priscilla, eventually told him about how the music legend had his back. “I never know until Priscilla told me after Elvis had passed away that after the first meeting that I had with Elvis, he came home and told Priscilla, ‘I don’t care what the Colonel says I got a gut feeling I’m going with this guy Binder. I just have a feeling that he might be the right guy for me.’”

Spencer Proffer is producing Elvis & Steven: The Making of the ’68 Comeback Special. He was the producer of the 50th-anniversary re-release of the documentary. 

“I’m proud to continue my decades-long professional and person association with Steve Binder,” Proffer shared. He also described Binder as being one of the most innovative creators in entertainment. “Steve opens the vault to share a buddy story that is revealing, poignant, and an explosive time capsule that offers a new perspective on the inner workings of Elvis, Colonel Parker, and a director who took risks and made history in the process.”