Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Riley Keough Calls Experiencing ‘Elvis’ Biopic With Mom and Grandmother ‘Overwhelming’

by Shelby Scott

Baz Luhrmann’s new Elvis Presley biopic, Elvis, starring Austin Butler just premiered in theaters this week. However, before the brand new film even dropped, it had already begun to receive massive praise. Elvis saw critical acclaim, yes, but it also earned Priscilla Presley and their daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s love. Now though, after the film premiered at Cannes and then, afterward, Graceland, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter Riley Keough said experiencing the biopic alongside her mother and grandmother as a family was both special and “overwhelming.”

In speaking about her experience in showing her support for Elvis and especially film star Austin Butler, Keough said, “I do press and all of these things but I always do it alone. To be able to have these experiences with my mom, my grandmother, and my sisters has been really emotional, special and overwhelming for all of us.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the family began supporting the film especially after Priscilla Presley shared a glowing review. In her post last month, she said the film was “Beautifully done,” revealing, “It took me a few days to overcome the emotions as it did with Lisa [Marie Presley].”

Later, when Riley Keough was asked what encouraged her to get behind the film, she said, “We saw the movie and thought, how can we not? We saw the love that Austin and [Baz] put into it and how much they’ve honored the legacy and we couldn’t not get behind it.”

Why Riley Keough Cried at the Start of the ‘Elvis’ Biopic:

Unfortunately, Riley Keough never actually met her iconic grandfather. However, his status in American history signifies the impact he had on music and pop culture as a whole. And so, when viewing the film, it makes sense that Keough, her mother, and her grandmother became overcome with emotion. Ahead of Elvis‘s theater premiere, the young Presley descendent revealed why she began to cry at the film’s start.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” she began. “And I think the moment I saw him, I don’t want to be a spoiler alert, but there’s a moment in the first kind of five minutes that’s very powerful with Austin, and I kind of, you know, I started crying. It was really intense.”

Austin Butler, meanwhile, has earned unending praise from Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley, as well as from Riley Keough. In fact, Elvis Presley’s daughter even said she felt as though the actor “channeled” her father in making the biopic.

Of Butler’s performance, she said, “He put…his heart, his soul, everything he had into researching, reading, watching, learning. He honored him in every possible way.”

Priscilla Presley further said that Elvis himself would have loved the new film.

“I’m sitting there watching this movie,” she shared, “and going, ‘God, I wish he could see this.’ It was perfection. This is a movie that he really would have loved. Showing who he was, what he was striving for, what his dreams were.”