Elvis Presley’s Jewelry, Guitar Up for Auction With Priscilla’s Support

by Craig Garrett

It is a well-known fact that Elvis Presley was a hound dog for the finer things, and now some iconic pieces are going up for auction. The legendary performer amassed an incredible collection over his career. Now a large chunk of that is listed at GWS Auctions.

The most valuable pieces, which manager Colonel Tom Parker received from Presley, will be on the chopping block at GWS Auctions’ dedicated sale on August 27. It’s being called the “Lost Jewelry Collection of Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker,” and is made up of a total of 193 lots. Diamonds, watches, and chains are just a few of the luxury goods available for sale.

Perhaps the most iconic piece is The King’s personal solid 14-karat yellow-gold TCB ring (minimum bid: $500,000). The abbreviation “TCB” is etched on the front of the charm, along with two large lighting bolts encrusted with diamonds and a huge stone in the middle. Of course. TCB means “taking care of business,” which was a favorite motto of Elvis Presley’s. This was the first TCB ring that the star had ever made, and it featured a design that is now legendary.

The Elvis Presley auction also includes more eccentric items

The auction is not only about jewelry. The sale also includes portions of Elvis Presley’s personal fleet. His private Jetstar jet with a minimum bid of $100,000). Also his 1976 Harley Davidson with a minimum bid of $100,000. Finally, his 1973 Lincoln Continental starts at $50,000. The collection additionally includes lyric pages from his famous songs. Perhaps the most recognizable musical instrument is the guitar he played in his legendary comeback TV special of ’68. The minimum bid for it is $750,000. Of course, the auction also includes some of Elvis’s more outlandish tastes. Things like gold pistols, money clips, glassware, boots, license plates, and some other oddball items.

According to Reuters, many of the items were provided by Elvis Presley’s former wife, Priscilla. “Well, it brings back memories for sure,” Presley told the publication. The couple frequently bought or commissioned jewelry for Parker, saying that they had no idea what else to get him. It eventually became a running joke among the Presleys. However, Priscilla has assisted in the sale as long as the objects are genuine, despite her being protective of them. After all, she actually designed some of the pieces herself. Indeed, the majority of the lots come with a letter of provenance from Priscilla Presley, as well as other members of Presley’s inner circle.

“There is so much product out there that is not authentic at all and that worries me,” Presley told Reuters. “I want to know for sure that that is going to go to someone who is going to care for it, love it.”