Elvis Presley Reportedly ‘Thought He Had Superpowers’

by Emily Morgan

During his career, Elvis Presley held several titles. A few that come to mind include the King of Rock-n-Roll, cultural icon, and actor. Yet there seems to be another title that people sometimes forget: superhero.

Presley was a big believer in spirituality and faith. Additionally, sometimes his love for his spirituality made him think he had his own extraordinary powers. According to his former bodyguard, Presley even tried to use them in front of him. 

Before becoming a household name, Presley grew up going to church with his family in rural Mississippi. Even after he left home, he took what he learned in church with him. According to Priscilla Presley’s memoir, Elvis and Me, he “always kept the Bible on his bedside table and read it often.” 

Beyond the Bible, the King also read several “philosophical books,” according to Priscilla. As Presley struggled with his inner demons, Priscilla says he turned to spirituality. “Faced with ever-deepening despair, he began looking to other philosophical books for answers and guidance,” she wrote.

In addition, Elvis also delved into some unique spiritual concepts, such as the idea of superpowers. Specifically, he thought he had the power to change the weather.

In his new book, Dave Hebler, his former bodyguard, wrote that “Elvis ordered: ‘Be quiet while I concentrate. See that cloud over there?’ I looked up to see the little, lonesome cloud.”

Per Hebler, Presley claimed he could make the clouds move and disappear with his mind control. “Elvis started talking about the power of metaphysics and how, through years of study, he had the power in abundance,” Hebler wrote. “He told us he was going to make the cloud disappear using the power of his mind.”

Elvis Presley studied philosophy, spirituality

Hebler, who was skeptical at first, quickly changed his mind when the King’s superpowers presented themselves. He recalled: “That little cloud moved slightly.” However, he still has his theories about his powers. He added, “If you watch a cloud for any time, it will move and/or change appearance.”

Researching mystical topics was something the King loved to do, according to Priscilla. She says he would read many books that explored the paranormal. 

Priscilla also revealed that Elvis became obsessed with reading these books. She wrote: “He passed them out to friends, fellow actors, and fans. They appealed to his religious nature and he loved bringing people together ‘in the spirit of one underlying force – Almighty God.'”

Michael Shannon, who played the iconic singer in Elvis and Nixon, once discussed how Presley’s interest in spiritual literature made his fans look at him differently. 

“He was looking for something,” Shannon wrote. “He read Siddhartha, he read The Prophet. I believe he was somewhat religious, but even beyond that he was trying to understand life and his own life and why what happened to him happened. And I don’t think you hear that or see that very much in the popular mythos of Elvis. We don’t see that side of him.”