Elvis Presley’s Estate Is Now Worth an Insane Amount: See How Much

by Craig Garrett

Cultural icon Elvis Presley‘s estate is now worth an insane amount of money, and just how much may shock you. The estate is worth around 1 billion dollars, according to a recent Billboard article. A number of factors contribute to this increase. This includes a new biopic, booming publishing valuations, and Elvis’ continued cultural cache. Elvis was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. His legacy continues to live on today.

Jay Fishman is the managing editor of Financial Research Associates. He runs a business valuation firm that specializes in celebrity estates “Muhammad Ali was my client for many years. I look around now, and I’m not so sure people remember [him],” he told Billboard. “Elvis seems to have endured longer than any of them.”

Elvis Presley’s legacy continues to endure

The Fab Four, the Beach Boys, and Elvis Presley. They are among the most popular music artists of all time. Their catalogs include hundreds of songs that have become classics. The late Presley’s song catalog is the jewel in his estate’s crown. Graceland attracts over 700,000 yearly visitors, with Presley’s posthumous popularity remaining. Rolling Stone reported that in 2020, the property’s value was $400 to $600 million. However, a new source tells Billboard now the Presley estate is worth at least $1 billion. This is a result of Presley’s continuing cultural relevance, with a new film out and publishing valuations climbing on projected future earnings.

Lyn Koppe, Executive VP of Sony Music and Legacy Recordings lavished praise on Elvis Presley. “He consistently is one of our top 10 artists,” Koppe told Billboard. “You’ve got the traditional Elvis fans who know everything about him, and you’ve got other fans who might listen to ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ because a different artist might have covered it and they discovered Elvis’ original.”

Elvis Presley has the colonel to thank for the billion-dollar estate

The estate’s financial portfolio benefits from a series of astute agreements by Presley’s long-time manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Tom Hanks plays Parker in Elvis. He obtained a large, permanently profitable stake in the singer’s publishing even though he was known as a vocalist. But Parker was ahead of his time in recognizing the value of songwriters’ catalogs in recorded music. The colorful manager wanted Elvis Presley (and himself) to get half the publishing on songs he produced.

The epidemic postponed the production of Elvis until early last year. Tom Hanks was famously in Australia to shoot the film. Today, everyone associated with the estate is all-in for the movie. Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley have given enthusiastic support, too. More significantly, the picture is an investment that has promised to generate significant revenue. Elvis is currently in theaters worldwide.